Financial Hacks For Your Business


Businesses of all sizes are always looking to save money. Any business wants to stretch their dollar as far as possible. The good news is that there are ways to stretch your dollars if you are willing to invest just a little bit of extra time and effort in doing so! 

The following are 4 great ways to help stretch your dollar to help benefit your business:

Price Comparison Sites:

Price comparison websites such as PRONTO, NexTag, or BizRate can help you save, especially on bigger-ticket items such as furniture for your office or other "big ticket" items that you will need for your business. Shopping on sites like this help you find the best offer without having to go to a dozen different stores websites to compare prices or "shop around" which can save you time. These sites can also have items on sale that are "liquidation" or "must go" items that are going out of stock for only a fraction of what you would pay at a regular box store. These deals can save your company $100s or $1000s in expenses, while still getting you the items you need to run your business. In business, time is money, so these resources are the utmost useful when it comes to finding the best deal and making the most of your money. 

Invest in a Snack Subscription:

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There is nothing worse than a hungry employee who is counting down the minutes to lunch or the minutes till they can go home or go on break and get a snack. These are likely unproductive employees who aren't getting their work done effectively as they could. Moreover, providing basic snacks to employees can give them the mid-morning or mid-day "pick me up" that they need to keep going and get their work done before the end of the day or the weekend.

However, going to the supermarket and buying enough varieties of snacks to please everyone can be next to impossible, not to mention very expensive! However, a subscription box such as SnackNation box provides up snack packages for small or medium-sized businesses for little as $249.00. SnackNation is a leader in providing employee snacks and they are able to include something to satisfy everyone's cravings. Common snacks will include dried jerkies, trail mix, corn chips, etc. and will make everyone in the office less hungry, more productive, and happier employees. Other options for snack subscriptions include Love With Food, Healthy Surprise, and Urthbox to name a few.

Have a Membership to Costco/Sams Club:

Having a membership to store like Costco/Sam's Club lets you buy anything you need for your business in bulk and at a discount. Whether it's cleaning supplies, snacks for employees, or drinks to stock your fridge, you can get it at a discount at one of these retailers. You can purchase items that you go through rapidly in large quantities and save money while doing it. From Lysol Wipes to paper towels or toilet paper for your office, a mass retailer membership has you covered. 

Bundle Your Business's Utilities/Communications:

Bundling where possible can help save your business money as well. For example, if you are looking to get one provider for your business's cable, internet, and telephone needs, you might get package deals rather than purchasing each service from a different and independent provider. Shopping around for the best deals can help you save money while still getting the services that your business needs. 


The above ideas are simply 4 of the many ways that your business can save money by bundling or buying items that you need in massive quantities. Any money that you save as a business you can put into your growth in the future. Looking for other ways to pinch pennies ensures that you are making the most out of every cent that your business takes in.