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Find Community, Not Just An Office


In this age, competition is tough in almost all the sections of life, and hence for a startup, it is not that easy to get a workplace as it has a lot of constraints. Nearly all the startups from accelerator batches tend to choose out the function of co-working spaces and have helped to build a vibrant community of people and organizations. We know that people and organizations can grow together and faster in the environment of more people like themselves.

Commercial office space in mg road Gurgaon has put in significant research and the years of experience in designing the workspaces. They are designed to be vibrant, comfortable, efficient, and in order to promote the productivity.

Features of the best commercial office space:

  • Fully managed offices: They want the people to focus on their things and not to worry about the office-operations. They would take care of the people needs like food spasms, emails, guests and internet connection which would surely help in increasing the productivity and efficiency.
  • Fun events: They truly want the people to enjoy while working and make new friends. They try to organize the fun events in regular intervals in order to communicate the best commercial office space and tend to work as friends, not just the office colleagues.
  • Flexible desks: It should be best suited for freelancers, travelers, and part-time entrepreneurs in order to work as comfortably as they want.
  • Dedicated desks: These are better suited for full-time entrepreneurs who come with the storage spaces, bulletin and white boards, cable managers and other necessities.
  • Private cabins: They are enclosed, lockable office spaces customizable to the organization's needs, and it looks best for the companies looking for autonomy within the community.

Shared office space in mg road Gurgaon is the concept that helps you to allow the companies or businesses which own or manage an office to share or rent the workstations or the self-contained units to the smaller companies looking for the flexible workspace.

What does all a person get in shared office space?

  • 5 star CBD address to select from the different locations.
  • Personal assistants available to assist the business support.
  • Complimentary access to the co-working spaces.
  • 24/7 interactive voicemail with the delivery to email or mobile.
  • Access to secure
  • No security deposit.
  • 20% of your spend credited when to try to upgrade to a serviced office.
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms, video conferencing and boardrooms.
  • Dedicated receptionist to greet phone callers.

The difference between shared workspace and co-working spaces:

The difference between a shared workspace and co-working space need to be understood by the users before going for any of them. They can have different space, goals, and needs of the members, as well as the demands of their business. A shared workspace differs in that they usually cater to and house more established businesses. They more often provide traditional to meet the needs, but on the other hand, co-working is generally ideal for startups.

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