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An Ultimate Guide to Finding Free Camping Sites In USA

If you are new to the world of camping and have developed a new passion for road travel, then this blog post is definitely for you. Taking a car and going on a road trip might sound interesting but I want to inform you that a single night at a proper camping site costs 15-20$. This might look like a normal cost which is easily manageable, but being on a long road trip will make the accumulated cost more than bearable.

If the matter has put you in a dilemma and you are thinking about dropping the trip plans then I have got a solution for you. The dispersed camping is what you need. The best things that will help you remain cost efficient and complete your camping desires by giving you the unique camping places that you surely never thought of.

An Ultimate Guide to Finding Free Camping Sites In USA

Before we get started, let me explain the idea of dispersed camping. Dispersed camping revolves around the lack of utilities.In this kind of camping, you have to bring everything with yourself. This is one major difference from the traditional camping. In which you’re provided with the necessary utilities at your campsite. A quite similar experience is The Dry Camping Experience (Things that you need to know).

Lands where you can camp:

Bureau of Land Management:

BLM land is often what people pick as there first choice as a free camping site. Almost all the area is available for camping for 14 days with a few exceptions like the areas near population and the areas devoted for the purpose of grazing. The problem exists in the map availability. There is no map available at the official website, but the regional maps are available. You can consult a guide before the beginning of your adventure, or call the BLM office for inquiry regarding the availability of land.

United States Forestry Land:

Inspired by BLM, the national forests and the grasslands provide free accommodation and space for camping under the stars. You can check USFS's website for checking your state and the forests available for camping.

Parking Lots:

Yes, you read it right. Some parking lots provide a satisfactory environment for you to stay. If you just stopped for refueling your vehicle then the stay can be a long one if you keep a check on the chain of stores or truck shops that provide a parking lot for you to sleep, cook and loaf around. Some truck shops have the laundry and shower facility as well.

The Camping Apps On Cell Phone:

All Stays Camp &Rv:

This app is the best when it comes to conveniently finding free camping sites. The app costs $9.99 for an instant download. You can search for any of the abovementioned places, whether it is BLM, USFL or a chain store in the truck shops. The usage is simple than what you can think of. Search a campsite, open its images on Google images and then subsequently get the location of the site on the map.

If you do not want to pay money for the download of a camping app then you will surely like this website. After visiting this website, you will see that there are maps related to free camping sites indifferent states. The dispersed cling is done on your own initiative. So this website will resolve is an issue for you too. It helps you select the most appropriate route for your camping adventure. You can find GPS locations, elevations and weather conditions of each camping site.

If any website can beat the All Stays app then this is the one. This website is a bit cheaper than the All Stays and provides a comprehensive list of camping sites in Canada and US. Moreover, it is updated on monthly bases and currently has over 30,000 campsites in it.

Atlases And Old School Maps For The Camping Purpose:

Recreation atlases and benchmark roads:

These atlases are state specific. There is an atlas each for every state &costs an average of $20 per atlas. These atlases show the recreation activities and the lines owned by the state. It includes a small backroad that will help you with unfolding your dream camping adventure.

National Geographic Folded Maps:

The national geographic folded maps are extremely convenient for the use by travellers and seasoned campers. These maps are topographic, showing the physical features of the land that you want to visit. They are water resistant and tear protective. It comes in an area specific manner, where it has the detailed summary of the information and physical features and even the boundaries of the forests. It can tell you about the roads that you can camp on, the hiking trails, probable water sources in the area, dumping stations and laundry and shower facilities. You can easily select maps on National Geographic Maps at REI.

One Final Advice:

The lack of human presence will be the best part of your dispersed camping. The lesser the human around you, the more you enjoy your camping trip. In imagination, this type of camping might feel exhausting. But in reality, the dispersed camping is the real type of camping where you do not over-depend on the services provided by the camping site and generate your own utilities from the limited resources. And please make sure that you dispose of what you leave behind yourself. Do not leave any traces behind and keep the campsite clean for the people to enjoy. One last thing, inform your family or friends before you leave for the camp and let them know the date when you will return home. Enjoy your camping!

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