Find Out All About Male Pattern Baldness


Finding out all about male pattern baldness is important, especially if you may feel you are in the early stages or are currently suffering. It can affect self confidence and many people turn to various treatments to stop this.

The first thing is looking at where the condition comes from. It is generally thought that it is mainly affected by genetic factors and is not thought of as something that can be affected by the environment of the sufferer.

What usually happens is what is known as the receding hairline, where the hair thins out on the lateral side. It usually begins in the early twenties but can occur as early as the teenage years. This can then follow by baldness on top of the head on an area known as the vertex. It is triggered by DHT, a powerful sex hormone that begins the process of follicle miniaturization. The level of balding can be measured on what is known as the Hamilton Norwood Scale I to VII.

This process is still not a hundred per cent understood and people are still trying to find the root cause. It was previously believed that this gene is passed down through the maternal grandfather but recent evidence has suggested this is not the case.

While it is still debated on what causes male pattern baldness, there are steps to try and reverse the process. Currently it is easier to maintain hair than it is to regrow it, but there are methods available that can help this.

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One aspect is stress. The irony is that the baldness probably causes the stress in the first place, creating a vicious cycle that will then lead to further weakening of the hair. In effect, one method of prevention is quite simply not to think about it and to look at the nature of your lifestyle.

While there are procedures such as hair weaves and chemical treatments, there is an increasing demand for a more natural method of hair growth and renewal. A big problem with some chemical treatments is that they can lead to serious side effects such as erectile dysfunction.

The idea behind natural treatments is to either inhibit or break down the DHT in the body to prevent further hair loss. Oral Zinc supplements will help prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, while pumpkin seeds help break down DHT in the liver. There are various recipes online for a mix of essential oils that work on this principle.

If you want to know more about natural treatments for male pattern baldness you should look on relevant websites, forums and video demonstrations. If in any doubt consult your local medical professional.