Find out the best ways to ship from China to the UK


Starting a business and flourishing it over all the geographical areas is not an easy task. 

Getting your goods shipped using the right methods and choosing the cheaper method is all you need to have a successful business flow. There are many imports and exports involved in the business and purchasing the right products and shipping them to concerned customers. For instance, the procedure of shipping to China might not be the same as shipping from China. 


If you are looking forward to shipping goods from China to the UK, you need to find the best ways. Shipping from China to UK involves various methods. 


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In this article, we will discuss the various ways involved so that you can select the best way for your business.

Best ways to Ship from China to UK

It is not a hidden secret that the UK is the largest and the world's most leading economies for the European continent. The unique population of almost 60 million people makes it a great business place. 

The United Kingdom is surrounded by water bodies. It has developed its ports and navigation through the water for a long time to make communication better. The largest part of goods entering the UK is mostly via ships.

Making the shipping more manageable in the UK has developed diverse methods by constructing the Eurotunnel. It gives a fantastic way to be used for freight. The United Kingdom also has focused on creating many airports. This makes it easier for other countries to connect by air as well. 

Let us take a glance at the various shipping methods according to your business needs.

1.      Sea Freight from China to UK

As mentioned earlier, The UK is mostly surrounded by water, making Sea freight from China to UK the ideal option. If you are choosing this mode of shipping, you should keep three things in mind.

• Price 

• Estimated time of transportation 

• Security

The enterprises located in northern China using sea freight from China. 

There are more advantages listed for this method.

• You can ship a large number of quantities.

• If your goods are near to the most wanted Chinese port, then this is your opportunity. 

• The price involved in such shipping is meager. 

• Depending upon the location, it can be a profitable solution making sea freight from China to UK the best. 

There are also some disadvantages to this mode of shipping, which you might consider. 

• The estimated time of arrival for your goods may be longer than usual. 

• Also, if your suppliers are more significant than 2 CBM, this option is not recommended. 

FCL Sea Freight from China to the United Kingdom

FCL, or the full container load, means the goods take the place of an entire container. This technique allows us to handle space in a container. 

Instead of sharing the space, you are using the full space of the container. This method is useful if your shipment is large. 

LCL shipping China to the UK

LCL means less than a container load. This method is popular to manage space in the containers. It is a prevalent method of shipping goods smaller than the volume of a container. 

LCL sea freight China to the UK also involves your association with other senders to complete the container's space. 

It is also essential to note that LCL freight can be cost-effective if your goods are smaller than 15 cubic meters.

Shipping cost involved to move a container from China to the UK

Several factors are concerned, like, the ports of departure and arrival, the CBM's market rates, the carrier, and your products' class explain the monthly fluctuations of the costs in line with these parameters. 

We recommend you to compare with different sea freight forwarders for profitable quotes. 

 2.      Air Freight from China to UK

Another meaningful way of transporting has to be air freight from China to UK. If you want your shipment to reach faster, then there is no alternative for air freight. 

Air transportation is applicable for good in time of urgent, or the unit price of the shipment is higher than the quantity of the shipment is smaller. 

You can manage the delivery time, and the prices are more flexible than Sea freight. Non-stop transfer services with different air routes. 

In air freight, shipping is manageable with the time needed for shipment booking space, time of flight, and the UK's local delivery time.

There are mainly three categories to divide the Air freight from China to the UK. 

They are as follows:

Emergency shipping by air

The estimated time for delivery is between 4 to 5 days. These deliveries are generally speedy. Extremely suitable for sensitive items.

Standard Shipping by Air

The standard time of delivery is full 3 to 8 days. The cost involved in this type of shipping is generally reasonable and also done in a shorter time. 

Economic Shipping by Air

The estimated time of shipping is nearly 6 to 7 days. The price is the most economical. If you do not have a time limit for your goods to ship, then air freight from China to UK can be ideal for you.

While using this mode, you cannot ship dangerous, over-sized, or temperature-monitored items. 

3.      Express shipping from China to the UK

Express shipping is an excellent mode of shipping by air. If you have an urgency to deliver some essential items within a brief period, you can opt for this way of transport. 

For an Express air freight from China to UK, the estimated time taken for delivering goods will not be more than two days from the pickup point to the delivery address in the UK. Moreover, Express shipping is faster because the courier companies have initiated the custom clearance process beforehand. It is a too time-consuming process and expresses shipping shorts this time. 

Another fantastic feature that you will get is that you can track your goods at any time. 

Hiring a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from China to the UK

Getting the The correct flow of business is required if it includes intense import and exports of all goods. International freights became essential for every step as it nearly takes all your transportation headaches. 

Selecting a reliable freight forwarder like China Freight can draw an end to all your shipping-related challenges. 

They are experienced in international shipping and induces all your business needs, budget, and determining the best route to deliver your shipment based on the urgency. 

We have listed some advantages that you can avail of with China Freight

• China Freight is in association with the premium carriers. They will help you to provide competitive rates no matter what shape and size your shipment is. 

• The company is also holding the top position in the field of air freight. They are continually working to provide unique shipping solutions within the estimated time of delivery.

• They hold an excellent partnership with custom clearance services. They are no less in doing your paperwork, pay duties, and transactions effortlessly. 

• China Freight is known for keeping your goods with excellent security under any circumstances from any external cause while shipping.

• The warehousing facility is exceptionally reliable with this freight forwarder. They will store your goods safely until it is needed. 

• Besides, they are hugely successful in collaborating with DHL, UPS, and FEDEX to provide a priority express shipping and a tracking facility.

The china to the UK shipping can be critical for you if you are not fully aware of the best shipping ways. We have gathered the best ways of shipping. We hope this article helps you to determine the best mode and a reputable China freight forwarder for you.