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Find out what the Blue Team vs Red Team exercises are about!

As technology advances, cybercriminals find more and more advanced ways to breach corporate security. This is a huge threat to the security of data circulating around the enterprise. That is why special trainings for cybersecurity professionals, such as Blue Team versus Red Team, are prepared. What are they about? What is a Cyber Range Platform and how can it help secure the IT department? Read on!

What is the Blue Team vs Red Team training?

The Blue Team vs Red Team training was inspired by real military exercises. Its purpose is to verify the quality of cybersecurity in the company by means of tests tailored to the individual needs of each customer. These exercises are part of the Cyber Range Platform - a virtual environment in which various simulations take place, allowing for the improvement of security against cybercriminals. The Cyber Range Platform consists of four important issues: modelling, simulation, monitoring, and training (individual or in teams), including, but not limited to, Blue Team vs Red Team exercises.

Two teams take part in the training:

  • Red Team - an attack team that breaks the security measures used so far by the organization. The Red Team tries to gain access to network systems, for example by performing phishing attacks.
  • Blue Team - A defensive team, typically made up of analysts and engineers, who work to protect the organization and develop new ways to ensure cybersecurity.

How does training affect security?

As part of the Cyber Range Platform, you can take part in various simulations that allow you to develop innovative cyber protection solutions. The biggest advantage of the Blue Team vs Red Team training is the ability to comprehensively check the existing security of the company, and often also of employees responsible for cybersecurity and data protection. During the exercises, they can make sure that they can use their skills to protect the company from attacks by cybercriminals and against their innovative methods.

The training is also recommended to network auditors, heads of security departments and vulnerability analysts.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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