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Find Success Creating Space to Work At Home

Are you a self-starter at ease working outside the office? Do you dream of working from home?

Or do you like more structured corporate environs?

Regardless of your preference, the growing at-home work scenario has room for you, according to businessman Eyal Gutentag, who has multi-faceted corporate experience and ideas about employment settings.

Get Ready to Work in the Business World at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development and use of remote working arrangements. Eyal Gutentag Manager says employees will have roles in emerging options as corporations and companies continue to use at-home work arrangements, which have resulted in productivity success and economic efficiencies.

Identify Priorities for Work and Home Life

The learning curve continues for workers to find satisfactory, productive at-home work arrangements and for businesses to enhance those efforts.

Eyal Gutentag, a management mentor, says that some self-starting employees found quick success setting space and time boundaries for doing work at home, while others struggled. He notes that his office tools _ a laptop and mobile phone _ are nearby, and he includes himself among those challenged to define boundaries between work and home life.

Establish Work Zones and Protect Them

Setting boundaries for work and family time are key to creating a “healthy work-life blend,” Eyal Gutentag says. He suggests outlining work hours and letting family members and housemates know the guidelines and rules. Also, turn off the television and social media outlets, he says, and identify and address other potential distractions, to create time and space conducive to work.

Make Realistic Decisions About Dreams

Imagine starting a workday by pushing a breakfast bowl to the end of a table and replacing it with a charged laptop computer. Fingers hover, ready to tap salient comments into proposals and quarterly reports.

No coworkers are around to interrupt. No managers are hovering. The morning promises of the day’s accomplishments. 

The dog whines to go out.

The reality is a workday has interruptions whether your desk is in an office or at the kitchen table.

Find Ways to Make At-Home Work Possible

A computer, online access and a phone are just some of the tools used to turn home spaces into work zones. Personality, initiative and planning also factor into the success of remote production. Below are some tips to get started creating an individualized work arrangement at home.

  1. Identify a physical space to conduct business.
  2. Establish hours for working and stick to them.
  3. Pack lunches and snacks.
  4. Plan breaks and take them.
  5. Review progress at the end of the day, set goals for the next day and "go home."

Arranging times and ways to communicate with your employer is a crucial step towards staying in touch, gauging progress toward goals and finding out about developments at the company. Many time management and organizational products are available to enhance your situation.

Preparation and Attitude Are Factors of Success

During the pandemic, some employees working at home have exceeded productivity goals, according to business mentor Eyal Gutentag, who says introverts, as well as self-starters, have found opportunities to thrive and advance through focus and ambition. 

Millions of workers have turned comfortable residential settings into functioning workspaces by adding communications tools and establishing boundaries for job and family life. They have turned cozy retreat areas into productive work zones.

You can do it, too.

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