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Find the Best Bath Towelsfor Your Bathroom

Choosing the right bath towel can be as important as choosing a new outfit. However, a lot of us are used to just picking the first towel that looks good and bring it home. What most of us don’t think is that just like picking an outfit, the look is not the only thing that matters when choosing it. So,the next time you are choosing bathroom essential keep make sure to follow the tips given below.

The Fibre Content


One of the first things to check is the fibre content – this depend on the type of the cotton that is used in the manufacturing. When it comes to the fabric, there are types of cottons that are considered the best; Egyptian cotton is a popular type that is considered premium.

There are also those that are made of cotton and polyester blend. These are less expensive than the former type but still dry quick and last long. Towels with 100%cotton are the most comfortable – they are soft and absorbent. So, when picking the one you refer, make sure to pay attention to fibre content.

Know About the Material

There are some keywords mentioned in the packaging of the towel or on the label that marks what kind of material it is made of. Combed cotton means the cotton is brushed to remove short fibres making it softer and durable.

Ring Spun cotton is where the long and short fibres are tightly twisted making a towel with strong and smooth loops. If it says twist, this explains how much the loop yarn is twisted. High twists are known to be more durable whereas low twist make the towel plusher and more absorbent.

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Check the Finishing

Don’t stop your inspecting of the towel at checking just the material. Also pay attention to finishing of it. It doesn’t matter how good the cotton is and how plusher or softer it looks if the towel is made badly.

Therefore, whether you are buying hand towels for the kitchen or bath towel sets for the bathroom, pay close attention to the edges and see if they are folded right, stitched and secured. These features are a sign of a good product so never forget to check for them. A well stitched towel can last longer and will not fray too quickly.


One important thing to pay attention to when buying a towel that you don’t have to do when buying many other pieces of clothing is the weight of the product. A towel weight is measured using grams per square metre. (GSM) a two with a higher weight means a towel that is denser. This means that is a more absorbent and plusher towel. Usually 300 – 400 GSM is considered lightweight and 600-900 is considered heavy weight.

Apart from these features you can also check for a colour or a design that you prefer. The key is to look at the displays and choose a few that catches your eye. Then you can check if they have the qualities that you are looking for.

Does it Look Good?

After all, one of the reasons we visit the beach is to show-off. So, taking an off-white towel is not a great idea. You need to look for a towel that will be a definite head-turner. If you are going to the beach during the summer season, always opt for bright colors. It is best to avoid dark colors such as black and grey since they tend to attract more heat easily. This can make your sunbathing experience an uncomfortable one.


Before you purchase a beach towel for your vacation needs, make sure to take the above questions into consideration. This will enable you to choose the best product on the market. 


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