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Find the Best Jobs for the best Recruitment

Several people give you jobs that can’t all be completed on time, discuss it with them and ask which job needs to be done first. The worst case scenario is when you haven’t met any of the deadlines and you upset several people. Keep in mind that there are relatively few urgent or very urgent matters but a lot of rushed people. To get recruited from the law recruitment agencies Thailand get the following information.

Request for additional explanations

The lawyer who gives you a task will often give you insufficiently detailed or clear explanations. If in doubt (s) about the question asked, ask your prescriber for clarification before devoting time to it. This is not always easy, but it is infinitely better than doing off-topic work that will make a bad impression. These skills are increasingly sought after by employers and sometimes go beyond the specialization of the diploma obtained. More precisely, these are the personal and interpersonal skills that allow them to flourish within their work team.

Error management

Every lawyer makes mistakes, even the best. To reduce the number, take the time to answer a question asked (two checks are better than one). Also, qualify your response, whenever possible: “It seems to me but I prefer to check”. This applies both to your colleagues and to customers.

Internally, if you make a mistake, don’t cover it up; admit it without attributing it to a third party. And seek spontaneously if possible to fix it. Another important aspect is that of the general practitioner as compared to the more specialized firm. Indeed, a general practitioner is likely to offer you more open opportunities compared to a specialized firm.  With respect to a client, admitting an error, if you have found a corrective solution, is most of the time accepted by the latter. If the error made could involve the responsibility of the firm failure to respect an imperative deadline, for example, inform the responsible partner so that he decides how to handle the difficulty posed.

If you find that a colleague of yours or a lawyer from another firm has made a mistake, never make him lose face especially in the presence of his client but try diplomatically to make him aware of his mistake so let him correct it as much as possible your colleague will appreciate your delicacy and customers will not be fooled. Indeed, it is not because you do not have a diploma that you are incompetent for a given position. The diploma only facilitates the task for recruiters for whom the diploma, sometimes wrongly, constitutes a basic criterion of competence. If so, you must demonstrate to these recruiters the opposite.


Being available is of the utmost importance. The partner, who seeks, on Friday evening, a lawyer likely to prepare a note for him for Monday morning, will have a very positive perception of the young lawyer who will have helped him in these circumstances. Some young lawyers tend to refuse additional work for fear of being overwhelmed. A refusal is frequently badly accepted. Do your best to accept but asking that the priorities be defined not always easy when the requests come from several associates.


Each cabinet has its rules written or not. Be observant and attentive to adopt the mode of operation and codes of your practice including clothing.

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