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Find The Best Pr Agency Or Companies In India

The pr consultancies of the year  are the results  of an exhaustive research  process can involves  more than 100 submissions  a meeting with   100 submissions  and meetings  with the best  pr agency in India across regions.`

Pr is a powerful tool and it can proactively improves the perception customers have their brand. It can be improved the coverage and it comes greater brand awareness, consumer recognition and ultimately, sales.

Best pr agencies in India

 Perfect relations

The perfect relations are an image management and communication firm can be born and brought up in South Asia. It is one of the best pr agencies in India can innate and immaculate by understanding of the region and its preferences and needs. e.g.  Coco coal, hot wheels.

Text 100

 The text 100 is a global integrated communications 600 plus staff can supports 250 plus clients across 25 different markets around the world.

e.g.: Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, IBM, Vodafone, red bull.

Genesis Burson Marsteller

The Burson Mars teller is a leading public relations and public affairs consultancy can services you some of the best global and Indian companies. It can focus on creating a real measurable impact on the client business through evidence-based ideas driven and result from oriented campaigns.

 Ad factors

The factors have the wide variety of clients on their communication needs through in a range of integrated services. They can offer public relations counsel for businesses across multiple sectors integral to the Indian economy.

 Wagner is a Seattle based firm can often be associated with its largest client, Microsoft. It can have four areas of expertise, technology, healthcare, social innovation, and consumer. The wagnner Edstrom opened in offices in Africa, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

 Clients Bloomberg, avg, body shop, Volvo etc.

Weber Shandwick

 The weber Shandwick is an award-winning global public relations and communications agency with a heritage in the Asia Pacific stretching back more than 50 years.


The Edelman is the world largest independent public relations firm and it has a leading player in the Indian market. With the team of over  280 professionals, Adleman India has a presence which is across  11 location in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.

 Ogilvy pr

 The Ogilvy public relations can operate at the intersections of influence management, behaviour change and narrative to create, improve and amplify brand favourability and reputation.

Benefits of pr agencies


The pr professionals can need to be all-rounders with hard-wired expertise in everything from the research and writing to creativity and communications. There are lots of overlaps between marketing and pr.  The in-house marketer has only many hours in a day.


It is one of the most challenging aspects of managing pr in a house and it is switching off bias. The journalists can receive a plethora of calls and press releases for every day and it is the quickly filter through the noise. It is one of the fastest to gets your new story scrapped.

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