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Find the Best Summer Collections of Menswear in Pakistan

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It’s the peak of summer in Pakistan and the heat is overwhelming, much of it  is escalated by our skillful Pakistani cricket team with their mercurial performance in the world cup. Yeah, I know the pain is mutual but it’s not over yet! Nonetheless, the high temperatures are going to hang around for a quite a while and , we men have to look forward to find the best summer clothing for ourselves to cope with this scorching weather, and also to keep ourselves grandiose. Consequently, escalate our self-esteem and keep lurking for our crush to finally take us up as their prince charming.

Anyway, lets discuss and scrutinize some of the flamboyant ranges of brands of menswear operating in Pakistan.


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Fulfilling the promise and living up to the expectation, Monark has not disappointed at all with its Summer Formal Dresses 2019 range. Taking an in-depth and close look at the collection it can be deciphered that there is a meticulous attention to detail. That is to say, from category to category the design elements are in synergy with what the brand is renowned for. The polo T-shirts are categorized not only price wise but also design wise. You can find any polo from basic plain colors to trendy bohemian prints for the “summers specifically”. In addition, the range of bottoms comprises of an addition of lycra, this gives the garment elasticity which is like “water in the desert, in this scorching heat”. I find this is a motivation and so should you, hence stop the indolent behavior and work for the body you always dreamed of. Adding on, Monark focuses primarily for people who seek young status and are sensible choosers, as well as mature status seekers. Another secret that I am disclosing “Girls have a very keen interest in this brand”, doubt my statement? Ask your girlfriend and thank me later or if you don’t have one ask your female friends ?

Outfitters and Breakout:


Debatably, these two are the most renowned brands when it comes to high street fashion wear, year after year both of these brands have maintained a good repute in fulfilling the demand of evolving consumer base of Pakistan. However, there is not much of a   difference in both of their ranges, each consisting of skinny tapered denims, contemporary graphic tees, andcasual shirts comprising of bright color palette. The key here is that both these brands target adolescents as their core customers so, if you are a mature sensible chooser this might not be a palatable choice. However, if you feel nostalgic and miss your teenage years then go ahead and try out these both brands, although, I would suggest there are others brand in the market which will help your cause and not make you look out of the place but, it’s your choice after all “ Hum tau wohi karain gay jo hamara dil kahay ga”


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“Kuch yahan say kuch wahan say” as the statement suggest Cougar has been a dark horse when it comes to casual wear clothing. In other words, those design elements that are overlooked by other brands, Cougar makes the best of this opportunity and over the course of years it has improved its product line to an extent where we can say, you can find what you look for whether it is price, contemporary designs or availability, it can be said that the brand is filling the gaps properly. On the contrary, they have failed to maintain a prestigious brand image. The marketing is a piece of bewilderment and a direction is missing as a whole. Well, gone are the days where people are uninformed, we live in a high-tech world these days where social media has spell bounded everyone’s attention. We as humans need a story or a narrative to believe however, that is missing from the day the brand has started operating, till date.


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Live sharp dress smart, it has been  over a decade since the brand first operated  in the market and ever since the emergence of some competitive brands in last couple of years, Charcoal has helped themselves to uplift their brand image as a whole. Much to their anguish and according to the fashion gurus, they have created an air of vagueness. This is to say that, a brand has its own associations, its own significance, its own identity, while Charcoal has been operating and doing just fine over the span of years, it can be argued that they have failed to build up a strong exclusive identity. Now let’s talk about the summer range on offer, the categories have filled the racks of Charcoal but too much ambivalence created by themselves, it does not follow a direction. In other words, there is a gap in design philosophy where one polo T-shirt would be quite opulent the other is completely contrary to it, and that is also being reflected among other categories, too many choices can often lead youbaffled. While you are looking for a fashion forward smart wear, I believe you may find a little something from them, although, I have to create awareness beforehand that you might have to look for an alternate option for a complete attire, that is you may find some encumbrance in selecting a top and bottom both.

Royal Tag:

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Self-proclaimed premium quality formal menswear brand. This is what they entitle themselves as Royal Tag.I do not think there is much to disagree, their stores, product themes, and all other things validate their claim, however, if you are under 20 or over even beyond that age than I am afraid this is not your brand to shop for summers as Royal Tag sternly focuses on middle aged men and even those who are  Older. While, they may have some products that do not go in line with their brand but, this is done to maneuver the customer belonging to younger ages. Hence if your uncle wants some quality clothing, then Royal Tag should be your ultimate  choice, the fitting is loose, regular and uncle will not feel choked  by the summer heat.

Uniworth & Diner:

Considerably these brands have been present in the market over a long period of time, however if you shop from these brands for your summers, than I am afraid I have to be the devils advocate here, unfortunately they operate on a high quantity rather than uniqueness, theirpresence is overwhelmingly enormous in the local market while the product line is just average You will find cost effective shirts or dress pants but this is going to add more diligence for you, as you have to find the best product yourself, than you may need to get it fitted and finally if it comes out as a horrendous desig you will end up looking awful, Finally your friends may point you saying “boy anarkali say shopping kar k ayah hai” just be cautious.

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Regardless of what is being offered in the market, I have to address that these brands put in huge effort to garner a range/collection for the season. I do not criticize the hard work of a designer and long hour of merchandiser in assembling season’s portfolio for any brand, as it is easier said than done but some things are rational and conspicuous, they need a sense of perspective and direction which always seems to be lacking in many clothing brands. They may rip you off from your money by maneuvering your low sense of fashion and style but come on, pick up your phone, log  on to Instagram or Pinterest and you can be your own fashion protagonist by choosing for yourself.

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