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Find the Hidden Beauty of Qatar with Qatar Airways Online Booking

A trip to Qatar is not a trip like any other; it is an invitation to discover. The best way to visit this place is to go for Qatar Airways online booking. It is nonetheless a rich state thanks to its oil and gas reserves. In a handful of decades, the country has emerged from the desert, moving from a modest economy based on fishing to disproportionate wealth.

Doha is the economic success of Qatar, without a doubt. Futuristic skyscrapers and ultramodern buildings are springing up like mushrooms. Between hawk chasing, strolls in retail plazas, and bivouac in the desert, you can't help thinking about what to visit in this emirate? That's where this guide will come into place for you.



Contrary to what one might think, Doha is not just a city filled with little-interest buildings, far from it. The small emirate capital, Doha, offers many places of interest, such as mosques, museums, modern shopping centers, and bustling souks. The Corniche promenade, seven kilometers long, and its green parks attract visitors and locals alike.

It is at nightfall that you can admire the illuminated skyscrapers of Doha. Climb aboard a wooden sailboat, more commonly known as a dhow, to enjoy an exceptional panorama of the capital's skyline.

Souq Waqif


It's the perfect place to shop, find souvenirs, or sit in a cafe. Souq Waqif was renovated in 2006 and has retained its traditional architectural style. There are many products from the Middle East, such as dates, nuts, spices. Many merchants sell artisanal products such as fabrics, perfumes. In addition to being a traditional market, there are art galleries.

Events are held there several times a month. We recommend you have your Qatar airways online booking for your next trip to Qatar.

Al Zubarah


What to visit in Qatar? Meet at Fort Al Zubarah in the northwest of the country, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place allows you to see the picture of Qatar as it was before the discovery of petrol. Worked between the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years by Sheik Abdullah container Jassim Al Thani, Fort Al Zubarah has been reestablished. Today it presents an exceptional level of conservation. 

 If you are planning to visit Qatar, Fort Al Zubarah is a must-see. Its central goal was to ensure the close by town of Al Zubarah when a flourishing fishing port. In particular, there were fishermen of pearl oysters.

The Pearl


Visiting Qatar is also discovering The Pearl, which you mustn't miss whenever you book your affordable flights. It is a human-made island built off the west coast of Doha Bay. It is the ideal place to picnic, swim, relax, and practice outdoor activities. You will find three marinas of incomparable quality, large hotel complexes, shops, and beaches. You will be charmed by its emerald-colored waters and its magnificent yachts. Here, chic is in the spotlight. Moreover, Pearl is called the Arabian Riviera.

Ras Abrouq Peninsula


As you move away towards Qatar's west coast, you will discover landscapes different from those encountered around the Qatari capital. The scenic area around Zikrit, including the secluded Ras Abrouq peninsula, is renowned for its beauty. You'll discover pristine sandy beaches, a wild deer reserve, and mushroom-shaped lunar landscapes.

This land in relief is a popular place for camping and photography enthusiasts. It is the ideal spot to respect awesome dawn or dusk.

Museum of Islamic Art


This museum allows you to have a glimpse of 14 centuries within some hours. Here you can admire one of the largest collections of Islamic art in the world. It was built in 2008, and it's to date is the biggest museum in the whole country. The works on display come from various countries, from Iraq to Italy via Uzbekistan. You will marvel at award-winning collections.

It brings together the following:

  • Paintings
  • Glassware
  • Ironwork
  • Ceramics
  •   Textiles
  •    Manuscripts

You can dine in the cafes or Alain Ducasse's Michelin-starred restaurant.

Khor Al Adaid


This place is situated in the south of Qatar. This nature reserve is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khor Al Adaid is a strip of sea from the Arab-Persian Gulf penetrates inland to form the Inland Sea.

By night, the place turns into a beautiful landscape made up of high dunes lit by the moon. You will need an all-terrain vehicle to reach this amazing place, and you'll also have to cross dunes. Indeed, there is no road access to reach the reserve.

Keep in mind that the danger of COVID-19 is still not over. That's why going with Qatar airways online booking to keep the physical contact minimized is recommended.

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