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Finding A Good General Dentist In Monica Puentes

A practicing member of both the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry, Monica Puentes aims to provide patients the highest dental care possible by maintaining up to date medical advances in her field. However she also emphasizes the compassionate side of dentistry, urging her patients not to be afraid of talking to her about fears over cosmetic procedures or new dental technology. Monica Puentes is well known for her caring and compassionate attitude toward patients. She has worked with people from all walks of life and has cared for all kinds of teeth and oral conditions. In fact, one of her former patients was the President of South Korea.

Monica Puentes: The Best Dental Services

Monica Puentes treats everyone with kindness and compassion. I feel at home with her. I've learned so much from Dr. Puentes over my years of experience dealing with different dental issues. She will do anything possible to help a patient feel comfortable about discussing downey family dental issues. If a person doesn't feel comfortable discussing a problem then they are unlikely to seek help. I feel lucky to have found a practitioner like Monica Puentes who is an excellent example of how American dentists should feel toward each patient.


Monica Puentes is a great example of an American dentist who practices what she preaches. She works hard, listens and strives to provide her patients with the very best care possible. Her patients, both family and friends, rave about her caring and professionalism. Her efforts to reach out to the local community continue to pay off as more people have dental insurance through her practice." - Dr. Sam Singh, Director of External Affairs for the American Dental Association.

"I really like Dr. Puentes' style. She loves working with her patients and providing the best care possible. I feel fortunate to have received treatment from her and would definitely recommend her to others." - Anonymous Practice Owner, Oklahoma City Dentist

- John Dobson, DDS, Executive Director of the Dental Professional Board of San Diego.

"My husband and I have been going to our family dentist for about five years now. We are happy that we have never had any major issues or problems with the office staff or the doctor. The only issue we ever had was having to wait over an hour for the dentist to get around to preparing our teeth for their next appointment. It never occurred to us that it would take so long - until we both saw our dental patients' attitudes change when they saw how pleased they were with our work." - Karen Gaffney, RN, RSW, president of Allied Dental, Inc.

-"I definitely prefer working with an entire team rather than working one-on-one. General dentistry is wonderful when you have the help of your entire team, but working alone makes you a specialist. Your patients will feel more comfortable knowing that you are working in a dental clinic rather than in a hospital." - Lisa M. Coughlin, MD, MBA, president of Northeast Dental, Inc., and a former general dentistry resident

- "I enjoy working with my team, as everyone is so involved in the treatment of patients. Often I'll come in at the end of the day and hand out trays of dental mouth rinse. Most dentists have their own toothbrush, but mine are always pre-lunch, and we can all get together after practice for a light snack or to bond." - Joann S. Poindexter, MSW, owner of Poindexter's Dental Office in Dedham, Massachusetts

- "I like to think of dentists as the backbone of the family. They take care of the young and the old, the healthy and the ill. Everyone depends on them." - Mary E. MacLennan, PhD, senior lecturer in preventive medicine at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

- "I have faith in a tooth-whitening program. If a patient goes to a dentist twice a year and gets a tooth whitener, he or she will develop a 'blessing of the crown'. That means no more trips to the dentist, less filling materials and less loss of teeth. " - Kevin Trudeau, president of Healthy Dental Care in Toronto, Ontario

- "I am thrilled when I get a tooth cleaning. The first impression I have is that someone very well-meaning is looking after me. That's one of the ways I know I'm in good hands."

- "I really like going to the dentist. I feel important and clean." - Karen Smith, president of Smith Family Dentistry in Maple Valley, Washington. Her staff are cheerful and helpful.

- "I'm very happy with our staff. We have a lot of people who love working here and it looks good on them." - Ellen Czarnet, assistant director of wellness in the dental practice of Roots Health in Philadelphia. Her work is inspiring and gratifying.

- "I feel calm when I go to the dentist. I don't dread going for a checkup. I just go because it feels right." - Lisa Whitcomb, president and owner of W.T. Whitcomb Dental Associates in Fort Collins, Colorado.


- "My kids are thrilled when we have a visit to the dentist in Charlotte. They always want to go, but they are so small when we go - like under three years old - that it is kind of scary for them. But they are so excited to see us, and when Mom and I go out to get ready, they follow us around like we were walking on air." - Mary L. White, president of The Children's Hospital Colorado Springs. Her office has wonderful children and family oriented employees.

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