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Finding a Romantic Wedding Venue & Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon

Weddings are one of the most important ceremonies of anyone's life. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable. What better place than Stratford upon Avon can be? The place oozes romance. The beautiful town is one of the oldest. This place is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Stratford attracts millions of tourists every year. The place is famous for its museums, art galleries, coffee shops, and luxurious hotels. There is always a luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon you can find where you can go and enjoy your vacation. And if you are planning a wedding in this romantic town, you are at the correct place. But it's not that easy to find the perfect wedding venue. So if you want to select the oh-so-perfect wedding venue in Stratford upon Avon for yourself or your friend, keep these points in your mind. 

What to Look For in a Wedding Venue?

A wedding is something you remember forever. So many things to do you may have thought about. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. Your wedding venue is something you should not underestimate picking. When it comes to a wedding venue, there are plenty of things to think about. It plays a very important part in your wedding. If you want to be a winner, remember these points before choosing a wedding venue Stratford upon Avon.

        Budget - One thing every couple has to do before planning their wedding is making a budget. Together, you have to decide the amount of money you are willing to spend on the wedding venue. Then, search the hotel according to your budget.

        Guestlist - To choose your perfect wedding venue, you have to make the guest list first. You must know whether you are searching for a venue for 50-60 people or more than 100.

        Know your style - Your wedding needs to be like the one you imagined. Do you want an extremely luxurious wedding or a simple wedding? Do you have any themes in your mind? Choose according to your requirements.

        Availability - you have to check whether the hotel you want is free on that day or not. It is advisable to book your hotel a month before the wedding to avoid any issues. Some of the desirable and luxurious venues are often booked 2-3 years in advance. You get the dates easily on weekdays. It is also beneficial for your budget.

        Reality - The hotels upload some edited and different pictures. See the pictures of real weddings uploaded by customers in the comment section. Also, check the reviews given by the customers to know more about how they are.

        Visiting venues - You must have to look at everything before booking a wedding venue on your big day. Visit the place once. Do not just rely on online reviews. By visiting the venue, you also got a chance to meet the organizers and the hotel staff personally.


Must Have Things in a Wedding Venue

Among all the offerings and services, there are some of the must-have things that you have to keep in your mind. It's your responsibility that you take care of all the needs of your guest. Also, to make your day fuss-free, you must have to look at the availability of these services.

        Accommodation - Venues offering onsite accommodation are a must if you are planning to invite many guests. The hotels give various facilities, from boutique-style rooms to trendy decorations.

        Exclusive hire - If you want a venue with only you and your guest. Then opt for a wedding venue offering exclusive hire. This ensures your privacy.

        Licensed - For a legally recognized wedding, your wedding venue must have a marriage license. Only some wedding venues offer this service, while others only offer a symbolic ceremony.

        Weekend hire - As you get discounts on weekdays, but choosing a weekend for your wedding is good for you as well as your guests. You and your guests will be able to make the most of the special occasion.

        Catering - Does your wedding venue include catering in their charges, or do you have to pay for it separately? Enquire about this before booking.

When you plan your wedding, wedding venues play a major role in it. Stratford upon Avon has so many luxurious hotels and wedding venues. They take care of all your needs and requirements. Also, a wedding in a place like Stratford upon Avon is none less than a fairytale. By keeping the points in mind, you can get the best place for your wedding. If searched properly, you will get many discounts and offers that add choco chips to your cookies.

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