Finding the Perfect Lineman Cutting Tools


When shopping around for lineman cutting tools, there are many factors to consider. Size, shape, comfort, cost, quality, being at the top of the list, but there are many others. Choosing the perfect of lineman cutting tools is not hard or complicated, just do a lot of research along with the opinions of others that use similar tools and read reviews of what others have experienced when using the tool(s).

This will help you choose the best quality in your tools as well as help with concerns you may have. Safety is always the highest of concerns, the higher the quality of tool the safer it most likely will be and this is a good rule of thumb.

Another thing to think about is the company’s reputation for standing behind their products in case of breakage, warranty matters and so on. Of course, as with anything else, you get what you pay for, so buy cheap and you will get cheap.

There are many different sizes, shapes, offsets, in lineman cutting tools that you must also consider too, like is the project a general one, like pulling wire of different sizes or is it more like delicate work that requires a very gentle touch, Is it needed for hard grip or cutting, or both?

 Does the head need to be straight, left offset or right? Do they need to be large or tiny or somewhere in between? The cost is important, of course, however, it should be way down on the list because while the higher quality tools cost more, they are a lot safer and will last longer which saves money in the long run.

A word about where to shop, while there are many choices in tool shops, outlets, etc. The best thing to do is comparison shop to get the best idea of what you are facing. There is no hard and fast rule when buying tools or anything else, you just have to find what works for you best.

The internet is also a good choice to check out sales of tools, supplies and anything else needed to do high-quality work for higher wages and with the least amount of interference.


Always try and pick the highest in standards of quality in any tool for the sake of safety as well as what will produce the best results when the project is completed. If a poor quality tool is used because of wanting to not spend the extra money for the better tool and it happens to break, because it could not handle the force or pressure it needs to safely do the work; a broken finger, hand or worse cause an eye injury, etc., was that dollar you saved worth the risk? No, it is not so put high stress on the safety rating of the tools needed to get everything safely completed which is always the main goal.

Lastly, just a word about tool manufacturers, Most of the higher quality tool making companies will always let their customers know that they are always there to help with concerns and questions that may come up. They usually provide their support web address, toll free phone number email address and so on, so that they’re easily be reached 24 hours a day year-round, they want to continue to have happy customers, so they make sure that they listen to complaints and listen to suggestions and provide support for anything concerning their products.

 They’ll also place some type of message on the packaging of the warranty they give, any awards won for service or quality of the product, etc., so they will be interested if anything is not exactly as they advertise or expected even if it may not be with the tool so much as the distributor selling their product. This is a good sign of the quality rating of the tools and can be regarded as safe to use.