Fine Networking Process Options for You


Networking means sharing information and exchanging services. Take an interest in your interlocutor, make him speak. Above all, do not give out your business card, but exchange it with him! And do not hesitate to write down some details of your meeting so as not to forget. A few days after your meeting, contact him again by echoing your exchange.Thanks to your network, you have found a job. Well done! But don't forget that. Networking is for life! Who knows if it won't be useful to you down the road, whether it's finding a new job or getting information about your industry? It is therefore important to maintain and care for it. Here again, the key word is exchange! The right networking group makes the whole process perfect.

To do this, nothing simpler:

·         Send a press article that may be of interest to a professional contact,

·         Provide information obtained after a trip or a conference,

·         Continue to discuss common topics over a drink,

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·         Do as much service as possible to members of your professional network.

Now that you know everything, fear no longer and get started!

Networking is an excellent gateway to social and professional integration.

In your job search, building and maintaining your network will even prove essential. In Quebec, many vacancies are not posted publicly and are filled by word of mouth, recommendations or even co-optation. You will hear it from all sides: in Quebec, you have to network. It is a practice unfamiliar to immigrants that is not easy to grasp. What does networking mean? How do we do it? In which places can we network? All these questions, thousands of immigrants have asked themselves before you.

While social media is a great way to get in touch, it's best to meet or have phone contact with the person you're interested in. On the one hand because nothing replaces the real exchanges and on the other hand because knowing you, your interlocutor will be more inclined to help you. Take care of your appearance as well as your attitude. Prepare your elevator speech well in order to quickly capture the attention of your interlocutor. Start the meetings! On a happy hour, don't stick with people you know. It is certainly more reassuring, but ineffective.

The principle of networking

Networking is a matter of attitude and begins in everyday life. It is about widening your circle of acquaintances: at school, on parents' committees, in your sports club, by volunteering, by talking to your neighbors. The opportunities are numerous and in all areas of life. Take part in neighborhood parties, workshops offered by municipal libraries or community centers. Be attentive to all occasions and above all be open. This will help you avoid the trivialities and ask relevant questions. Ask them about things that will help you determine if this area is right for you. If you are looking for a job, do not hesitate to tell those around you. There are more than one immigrant who found a job thanks to his hairdresser who had a brother-in-law who worked in such and such a business.

And for those who haven't figured it out yet, networking has nothing to do with “push” or favoritism. It's just a way of putting people in touch: then it's up to everyone to see if a job opportunity can emerge.