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Finmax Broker - Is it a Scam or not?

Finmax Broker - Is it a Scam or not?

Online money earning is now very popular among people. Online money trading is a very risky and uncertain business. There are thousands of money earning platforms and source online. They impress people to become their member. They motivate the traders to how they get more profit by using their apps. They motivate new users in different ways. But most of them are a scam. The new traders involved with these scam trading platform and cheated by them. After all, they lose their money. You can earn money easily by investment in these money earning platform. But unfortunately, many of them are fake. There is some real money earning platform online. Finmax is one of them.

Finmax is a Sofia, Bulgaria based online money broker platform. It launched in 2015 and operated by Moris Processing Ltd. Finmax has implemented an excellent trading platform for traders. They implement their platform with big charts. User-friendly look and fit on the screen it gives more pleasure to the traders. One can see a multitude of technical indicators in the advanced charts. Whatever, People always want to know that, Finmax Broker - Is it a Scam or not? I found this special Finmax Review. Read about it now.

Although the company doesn't regulate by government authority it builds on a form of regulation from the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC). It's a non-commercial, independent organization. Finmax has a regulation form of it. This organization created for the purpose of regulating the quality of services provided by brokers and dealing centers. So we can't say that Finmax is a scam online money platform.

Besides this, Finmax money trading platform has good ratings on different subjects such as; its website is user-friendly, clean, easy to access layout. It has also a different category which offers different advantages and has a lot of features and all are easy to use. Including Bitcoin, Finmax offers 26 currency pairs, 45 stocks, 8 commodities, and 14 indices. It has another advantage that there are no commissions for registering in Finmax. Where many other scam trading platform takes additional charge or transaction fees, or hidden scam fees at the moment of the trade. It gives just as usual and the effective return ranges from 70% to 80%. It has an awesome Live Chat feature with the representative that is very helpful to fast enough answer and polite.

The minimum initial deposit is 250 USD. One can withdraw money by different methods such as; credit cards, e-wallets (Yandex Money, Qiwi Wallet, Skrill, Neteller, etc.) and bank transfers. The withdraw processing time depends on the account you have. If you have a Bronze account it will take 5 working days for withdrawing. If you have a Silver or Gold account it will take 48 hours to withdraw and 24 hours will take for Platinum (VIP). The minimum withdraws an amount of money is 40 USD.

Above all discussion, because of having regulation from the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center and other positive services and we can’t say that Finmax is fraud or scam.

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