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4 Fire Safety Gadgets That are Worth Investing

4 Fire Safety Gadgets That are Worth Investing


Technology has made our life easier as it offers comfort and luxurious. It has made it possible to make our lives safe as well. Fire is a common hazard that is present in your house. Every year the fires are responsible for a lot of property damage and even loss of life. It is important that every landlord invests in a fire safety system. Installing fire alarms and a mains smoke alarm is essential for making sure that the property is safe for the occupants.

Ignoring the fire hazard is never a good idea because you are not just compromising to the safety of the property but also the people. Fire safety gadgets have improved over the years. Here are a few fire safety gadgets that landlords should invest in to ensure fire safety.

A Smart Smoke Detector:

Smoke detectors are an integral part of fire safety so make sure that you install them throughout the property. Investing in a smart smoke alarm is an excellent decision. They are more effective and efficient in providing safety against the fire hazard. Smoke alarms can often run out of batteries and people forget to replace them. The smart alarms can alert you if the batteries need replacing. There are models available have great features like asking thermostat to shut off the furnace if it detects carbon monoxide or smoke that can potentially lead to a fire. It can be effective in advertising the disaster and minimizing the damage in case of a fire.

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Safe Space Heaters for Fire Safety:

Space heaters are used commonly in houses as they help in keeping the house warm and cozy. But the space heaters can also become a fire hazard as the can get too hot. You can ensure fire safety by choosing the space heaters that do not get hot. These models are a bit pricey but they are worth it because they will offer warmth and comfort without compromising the fire safety. The new space heaters also have the feature of automatically turning off when you are asleep. It is energy efficient so it will save you money, offer safety and keep you comfortable.

Smart Outlets:

There are smart outlets that are effective in keeping energy consumption under control and ensuring fire safety. It is easy to forget to switch off a switch as you are leaving the house in a hurry. The smart outlets allow you to control the outlets using an app. You can switch the outlets on and off from a remote location. You do not have to drive back when you are halfway to your destination to switch off the space heater or a coffee maker that you might have left on. Leaving the outlets on while you are not at home can become a fire safety hazard.

A Smart Nightlight:

Fire is dangerous and people can panic easily. A smart nightlight is a perfect fire safety gadget as it lights up the way out so the people can get out of the building without getting hurt. It monitors the smoke detectors so it is activated if there is a fire safety issue.