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Fireboy and watergirl: All series of the game explained

Fireboy & watergirl, a trendy game, was developed by Oslo Albert and was distributed by and Armor Games Companies.

It was released in 2009. The first game released was Fireboy & Watergirl-Forest Temple.

The game is described as a two-player game. Both the characters in the game have some unique strengths and weaknesses. It is an awesome adventurous game with exciting levels.

There are a total of 5 Fireboy & Watergirl games released. Each game has a new fun adventure, puzzles and mechanics.

All the series of games released are listed below:

  • The forest temple
  • The light temple
  • Ice temple
  • The crystal temple
  • The elements temple

You can play the games online on any of these devices- Windows, Android, iOS. You can also have this exciting journey by downloading this game from the Google Play Store.

We will explain all the games in this article:

Fireboy & watergirl- The Forest Temple

This game was released on November 19, 2009, and is the first game in this series. In this game, there are 32 levels, with 17 normal levels, 6 are designed levels, and the remaining 9 are green diamond levels.

Normal level consists of various puzzles like levers, boxes, pushers, etc. It is not necessary to complete the normal levels. But the way you play will increase your rating in the end.

By the name of this game, we can conclude that a fireboy is a character that cannot walk in water, but it can in fire or lava. A watergirl cannot walk in fire or lava on the opposite side, but it can in water.

Both characters have to move symmetrically in the designed level, and in diamond levels, you should collect at least one diamond to complete the level.

Game Controls

  • To move fireboy, use Arrow keys.
  • To move watergirl, use A, W, S, and D keys.

Note: These game controls are used to move the characters in all the series of this game.

Fireboy & watergirl 2- The light temple

This series of the game was released in October 2010. Light temple is a place that is full of danger but has plenty of sparkling jewels. The adventure continues as you have to help the characters search for precious diamonds in the light temple.

Like in the previous series, in this series, you have to use their amazing and unique powers to overcome different obstacles. There are a total of 40 levels in this game.

Tips for playing this game:

  • Stay away from ‘Green goo’ as it may injure both the characters.
  • Fireboy can grab red diamonds, and watergirl can collect blue diamonds.

The next series that came was Fireboy & watergirl 3- Ice temple. It also excites the players through its fantastic adventures.

Fireboy & watergirl 3- Ice temple

This series also comes with the capabilities of watergirl to deal with aquatic obstacles and fireboy to overcome all the fire obstacles. It was released in September 2018 after a long time since the previous series was released.

This game series includes 37 levels, 20 normal levels, 6 designed, and the remaining 11 diamond levels. Again, it is not necessary to complete the normal levels. But by solving various puzzles like pushers, boxes, levers, mirrors, newly added snow, freeze lights and collecting diamonds, the player can increase its rating in the end.

With the introduction of snow in this game, fireboy faces difficulties climbing up snow slopes, but watergirl can easily climb them. You have to help them to collect a variety of diamonds overcoming all the hurdles in their path.

Fireboy & watergirl unblocked game mean you have access to browse or play it anywhere and anytime.

Fireboy & watergirl 3- The crystal temple

This game was released in October 2018. It is the 4th game of the series and consists of 36 levels. Crystal temple is known as the most complex temple to complete when compared to other temples. This game is very similar to the forest temple & light temple; players have to solve the levels and collect red, blue & grey diamonds through this thrilling journey.

This temple contains crystal portals that will transport them to different locations. Different colours of these portals can be seen, be careful of them. A white portal will locate you to another white portal; the black portal will locate you to another black portal, which will continue.

You have to be very careful while transporting yourself, as if you directly port yourself into a pool, it will kill the character.

After finishing all the 36 levels, continue the fun adventure with ‘Elements temple’ in the last game.

Fireboy & watergirl 3- The elements temple

It is the 5th and final game in this series, released in January 2019. While playing, be aware that the watergirl should avoid the lava pool, and the fireboy should prevent the water pool.

There are 62 levels in this game, with 7 different elements, 49 regular levels, and 13 white diamond levels. This series is different from the previous one as it includes 4 previous temples with 3 new temples.

  • The forest temple- 10 levels
  • The fire temple- 8 levels
  • The light temple- 9 levels
  • The crystal temple- 9 levels
  • Ice temple- 9 levels
  • The wind temple- 8 levels
  • The water temple- 9 levels

The new 3 levels introduced in this game are described below:

The fire temple

This level is easy to overcome by fireboy, so fireboy must help watergirl face all the hurdles.

The wind temple

With a total of 8 levels in this temple, a fan is there that lifts the watergirl and fireboy above. This fan will work for 5 seconds after you press the button to operate the fan.

The water temple

Water temple comes with 9 levels. It is the opposite concept of a fire temple. As it is easy for a watergirl to walk freely in a water pool, fireboy needs her help to pass all the barriers.

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