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Five common factors that to a truck accident

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Truck accidents can be very serious. Trucks are large and heavy in size so they cause much more damage than any other vehicle on the road. Due to this reason, truck drivers need to be highly responsible every time they are taking their truck. Also, not anyone can be given the authority to drive a truck as it always needs special training and certification in many countries.

Operating an approximately 50-ton truck is not an easy task and the driver needs to drive it with utmost care. Although the drivers are given special training and only experience truck drivers are allowed to operate the truck, many truck accidents do happen. Sometimes the accident is due to the error of the driver and other times it can be the fault of the other party.

This article will talk about 5 major factors to a truck accident and what you can do in such cases.

Driver Fatigue

One of the major cause of the truck accident is driver fatigue. Apart from being the most common cause, it is the most dangerous one. Many regulations have been made by the government to overcome this issue. In some countries, a limited number of working hours have been fixed for truck drivers and they can stay on the road only for that period. Unfortunately, the regulations made by the government are not a full-proof solution to the problem of driver fatigue. Several trucking companies pay the drivers by per mile, so to earn more, drivers drive beyond the point of safe driving.

Lack of Experience

Lack of experience is also a common cause of a truck accident. If a truck is operated by an inexperienced driver, chances of a truck accident on road increases. Trekkers who have a decade of experience in driving heavy loaded trucks have more knowledge. However, the drivers that are new to this industry, still are unaware of the nature of the road and their learning stage can be perilous.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Sometimes, the cause of the truck accident is not due to the error of the driver. If the manufacturer of the truck is not maintaining the truck properly, semi-truck accidents can occur frequently. The truck company needs to maintain the truck on a routine basis. There should be a proper inspection of truck along with brake service, tire service and all other important maintenance that ensure the truck will perform efficiently.

Improper Loading of freight

If the loading of cargo is not done properly, a truck accident can occur. Therefore, the trucks should be loaded properly. They should not be uneven weight distribution and even overloading the truck must be avoided.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving and road accident are highly correlated. The major reason today is that almost everyone is equipped with some technology is like a smartphone, navigation system that distracts their driving and causes a serious accident.

Therefore, if you are injured in a truck accident, hire Toledo attorneys to know your rights in this case. These lawyers will help you determine your compensation and stand next by you throughout the case.

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