Five Different Price Plans of Senoko Energy Electricity Retailer


Are you worried about your electricity bills? Are you looking for a cost-effective energy solution for your home for a better and smarter living? If yes, then you can definitely rely on Senoko Energy. The company has been in the business for more than four decades. Senoko Energy has been delivering efficient and affordable energy solutions since 1977. Are you now looking for more details about the price plans of Senoko energy electricity retailer? If yes, then please keep reading the below sections and reveal all the details.

LifePower12: This plan has the validity of a total of twelve months. In these 12 months, the electricity rate will be kept locked at an extremely low price of 17.00¢/kWh. Note, this LifePower12 plan is valid till 31 August 2020. This plan has one special benefit i.e. security deposit amount is waived for residential consumers.

LifePower24: Just like the above one, the LifePower24 plan is designed to help the customers enjoy a reasonable and cost-effective electricity rate. This plan will charge the customers a fixed price of 17.63¢/kWh. This electricity rate of 17.63¢/kWh will apply to two continuous years or twenty-four months. Here also, the security deposit amount is waived for residential consumers.

LifeSave24: This is also a 24-months electricity plan where the customers are offered a great discount on the regulated tariff price. The plan will be valid till 31 August 2020. With this plan, you will have a 23% discount off the quarterly regulated tariff. Plus, the security deposit amount is cleared off for all residential consumers.

LifeSave12: In the previous section, you have already learned about the LifeSave24 plan. This plan has one key benefit i.e. it charges discounted tariffs to all customers. However, the LifeSave24 plan comes with a duration of twenty-four months. So, if you are looking for the same type of electricity solution for a year or twelve months, then you can opt for this LifeSave12 plan. As the name implies, LifeSave12 has validity for twelve months. And, it renders a 24% flat discount on the regulated tariff for this duration of 12 months. Note, this price plan will remain valid till 31 August 2020.


LifeSmart24: This is the advanced and smarter electricity plan that comes with many benefits. First of all, it comes with the benefit of free advanced meter installation which is worth $40. This free advanced meter will measure your electricity consumption in every thirty minutes. This plan will charge you a nominal fee of 17.98¢/kWh. This fixed rate of 17.98¢/kWh is inclusive of GST. The plan duration for LifeSmart24 is 24 months.

With this, you have revealed five price plan options of Senoko Energy Electricity Retailer. Among these five plans, some are designed for a duration of twelve months. Whereas, some plans come with a validity of 24 months. There is one thing that you should keep in mind is that all of these above five plans are valid till 31 August 2020 after which there may be some changes/modifications.

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