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Five Exceptions that Homeschooling Programs Work Better With


There is no doubt that at some time during your child’s education journey, they will get sick and miss some school days. However, some kids are challenged with more severe and long-term conditions that make going to school challenging or impossible and for this, homeschooling is the best option. Public schools can usually work with short-term situations but long-term or unknown time frames can be more difficult to accommodate. However, homeschool platforms have the ability to change, extend and work with the student so long as parents are communicating with them about the status. Kids can complete their assignments at home in bed or on the couch and even during hospital visits which relieves the stress of always having to play catch-up with their studies.

Unexpected relocations are common with military families, those on the mission field or with international positions in companies that have to adjust quickly to the environment. The Christian online school through a reliable platform provides stability and consistency for students with little to no disruption to their schedule. This prevents the stress and hassle of pulling kids out during the year, having to get their records transferred and then start somewhere new and hope they are at the same level with the other students. By utilizing a homeschool program option, parents can teach or utilize the online professional instructors that are available via email and phone whenever a student needs help or guidance.

Vacations are a part of family dynamics and important to give adults and kids a chance to step away from daily responsibilities and enjoy each other’s company while relaxing and having some fun. While the ideal situation is to plan this time away around the school schedule, that is not always possible because of a parent’s work calendar. For this reason, it is important to coordinate with the Christian school online by letting teachers or staff know the dates the student will be ‘offline’. This way, the course schedule can be updated so nothing shows overdue and the lesson planner can be reset to give everyone the new targeted completion dates. So long as students are meeting state requirements and communicating with the platform, then the process is simple and easy. Kids can confidently step away from their studies with the knowledge that they will have an organized calendar to come back to after the break.

For some students, sports are not just a hobby or extracurricular activity but their future at college or in the professional arena. Practice schedules and training time can be demanding and does not always work well with a traditional school schedule. Homeschooling provides the perfect flexibility for students who can train when they need to during the day and then complete their online assignments and studies in a schedule that works uniquely for them. 

The topChristian school online offers courses that are NCAA approved so students will have no issues applying for scholarships or participating in formal sports events backed by this organization. Whether the student gets up early in the morning to run or has practice and games late in the evening, academics remain a priority and both aspects are balanced together for equal success.

Every child’s learning ability is different as some adapt quickly to a classroom environment and can keep up (or stay ahead) of the lessons; others struggle with both and this can lead to depression, a desire to quit school, negative approach to learning and other personal consequences. It is important that a parent pays attention to the signs and acts quickly when they see them having a difficult time in school.  Homeschooling is often a great solution for students who need more flexibility to learn at their own pace and need to be free from the social peer pressure that demands they meet certain standards or levels to be considered ‘normal’. This can apply to both sides of the spectrum for students who learn slower and those that are faster than everyone else. Students that fall into this second category can also get frustrated and find themselves bullied as ‘showing off’ or ‘thinking they are better’ because their minds work through the material faster and easier. By enrolling them in an online homeschool program, kids have the freedom to learn at their own pace and focus on studying rather than social norms.

The beauty of homeschooling is that it can work for any family, in any situation even if there are no special circumstances to consider. It simply gives parents and children the opportunity to approach education from a different perspective, learn in a self-directing manner and have a reliable support system with strong curriculum and teachers to help achieve the student’s goals and objectives. Take time to check out the top online programs and connect with the one that has the options, services and coursework that your child needs to get where they want to go.

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