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Five Fabric Types You Should Be Aware of While Choosing Sustainable Dresses

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Since the fashion industry has caused some major damage to the environment, now people are becoming much more concerned about it. This is why the use of sustainable fashion clothes are booming at the moment. Sustainable clothes mean it neither causes damage to the environment nor to humans. Also, it includes supply chain transparency, ethical business practices, and sustainable materials. Previously, the chemicals used during the cloth-making process damaged a large part of the environment. As a result, people see barren land in several parts of the world. Not only the environment but people have suffered from various skin problems, including redness, itching, and whatnot due to the wrong clothes. 

However, sustainable dresses are made in a way using the most eco-friendly fabrics that never cause any degradation to the environment. However, a whole lot of people are unaware of which fabric they should choose when it comes to choosing sustainable dresses. There is a lot of variety available which makes it more overwhelming. However, the fabric is the basic component that largely determines how sustainable a cloth is. So, choosing sustainable fabrics will not only benefit the environment, but it will also be beneficial for the wearer. Let’s take a look at the type of sustainable fabric one should often choose:

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a natural fabric that has been around for quite a long time. Generally, cotton is the most preferred fabric type for most consumers since it provides the utmost comfort. But, not all cotton is harvested in an organic way. It means the farmers still use chemicals and pesticides to grow the plants. This impacts human life as well as natural lives. This is why one should choose organic cotton instead of regular cotton. Organic cotton is the materials where the plants are grown without the help of any pesticides or chemicals. The farmers even use less energy and less water as compared to conventional cotton. People can check the certifications of sustainable cotton, which tells that the cotton was harvested without any chemicals. However, one should choose the dresses from a reliable seller like sustainable dresses in the UK. Otherwise, there are chances for the cotton being conventional as it’s the cheapest way to harvest. 

Organic Hemp

Hemp is another eco-friendly fabric that people have been using for a long time. While harvesting hemp, there’s a process named phytoremediation which further helps the soil to become healthier. So, it’s beneficial for the environment. Also, it requires a minimum amount of water to harvest organic hemp. This is the reason why it’s the most preferred fabric type among sustainable fashion. There are innumerable benefits of using hemp, including sun protection, antimicrobial, etc. However it’s a bit expensive to harvest hemp. Hence, the clothes can be a little expensive, but it’s undoubtedly a sensible choice for clothing. 

Recycled Cotton

Another sensible material for sustainable fashion is recycled cotton. Recycled cotton generally helps to prevent waste from getting into the landfill. It means one can protect the environment by choosing recycled cotton fabrics. It is produced from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. However, one should check the certifications to understand whether recycled cotton is pure cotton or not. 

Bamboo Linen

Anyone looking for the softest material for their clothes should definitely go for bamboo linen. It provides a sense of comfort while wearing it. It’s even one of the best eco-friendly materials too. While harvesting bamboo, a farmer doesn’t have to kill the plant. It means the plant can renew quickly since it’s the fastest-growing plant. The best thing about harvesting bamboo is that it can consume more co2 than any other tree. This means one can keep the environmental balance by harvesting this plant. Besides, it can be turned into sustainable fabrics. But, there are very rare manufacturers who use organic bamboo linen for sustainable clothes. So, one should choose them carefully to yield the best advantages of this material. 

Re-cycled Leather 


Generally, leather is an animal-based fibre that uses the animal’s skin, but a lot of people don’t like the process of tanning the leather and wearing leather clothes as it involves environmental cruelty. But it doesn't mean one has to stop wearing leather clothes. After all, everyone looks gorgeous while wearing those clothes on. So, there’s an eco-friendly option that people can choose which is called up-cycled leather. It’s the best way to choose a sustainable fabric. But make sure to choose it from a reliable seller as sometimes the virgin leather processing may involve some cruelty to the environment. But, reputable manufacturers do possess all the detailed documents to show that their clothes are made from 100% sustainable clothes. 


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