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Five Indispensable Practices of Star Real Estate Agents

It takes a lot to be a star real estate agent. You’re a salesperson, marketing yourself and your business every day. You can envision the successful agent and perhaps just don’t see yourself in his or her shoes.

That doesn’t need to be the case. There are common themes and practices applied by the best agents working today, which you can implement into your routines and style to become that star agent you see in your mind’s eye.

  • Develop a plan and stick to it. As the old saying goes, luck favors the prepared. If you want success, do everything you can to ensure it—make concrete plans a part of your daily and long-term goals. Fortune might just happen to fall into your lap, but for most stars in real estate it happens through sweat and planning, much of which might be mistake for fortune because it’s largely unseen. As Sean Carpenter, director of agent management for Ohio NRT companies, said, “Plan for success—don’t wait for failure.” Analyze what options are available to you, incorporate strategies (in accordance with budget), and follow up to see what is working and what needs improving.
  • Never take a lead for granted. Prospective leads can come from a multitude of places and sources. An expired listing sent by a CRM service might convert into a sale. You could stumble across a possible FSBO on Craigslist. Perhaps cold-calling and open houses are more effective for you. Wherever you’re finding one, a lead is a lead. Of course, some will pan out better than others, and you will find some sites and avenues seem to work out better for you, but never discount a possible job. You never know what will work.
  • Prioritize communication. The best agents understand that the job is about more than just the house. How well you can communicate with clients and prospective clients will make all the difference in how you’re perceived as a real estate agent. Do you address their questions and concerns and take both seriously? Are you clear in your explanations, making time for every person? Do you maintain relationships and show empathy? Show sellers that you can listen, that you have value and will help them accomplish their goals. Pay attention and deal with any concerns or problems quickly and efficiently so that you leave with glowing reviews and potential referrals.
  • Be able to self-motivate. Some days will be better than others on the job. You’ll likely run into times when leads are dry, a relationship with a client breaks down, or experience a rough failure. Those who succeed and accomplish their goals and aims are those with thicker skin and are able to cheer themselves to the finish line. You can’t count on anyone beside yourself—you are responsible for your success or your failure.
  • Stay up to date on new developments. New technologies and tools are coming out for real estate agents every other day. To keep your edge in the field, you don’t necessarily have to employ all these developments, but it would serve you well to be aware of them. Understanding the trajectory of the field and what advancements are being made allows you far more options than just sticking to what you know. Door to door and fliers might work great, but perhaps your leads and clientele could be incalculably expanded with new ideas and tools on, for instance, social media or professional websites. Invest the time to cultivate your knowledge and stay ahead in the game.

Beyond these, you should be a coded, organized database to track project and clients, clear scheduling, and connections with peers—another secret is that there’s always more to do. However, if you can utilize these five practices and develop them into your repertoire of skills, you will boost your game to a whole different level. Strive for success, invest in your plans and relationships with clients, and become the best real estate agent you can be.

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