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Five Reasons Fantasy Games Are Thriving In India

Fantasy Games

Whether it’s to chat with their friends, uploading photos on Instagram or watching YouTube videos, most Indians these days love being glued to their smartphones. While social media networking has started on the phones, another activity keeps them busy on their mobile phones. And, this activity is Fantasy Gaming.

The fantasy bet games enable users to participate in competitions, where results are determined by sporting events. Some games like Dream 11 let users make their fantasy teams. And, based on the players’ performances, users can lose or win. These online games involve real money for participation and give real cash prizes to the participants. Since these games swing between the thin line of games of skill and gambling, they are allowed in India. Therefore, companies like MPL and Dream 11 are earning billions of dollars.

If you’re still wondering why fantasy games are thriving in India, go through the five reasons given below:

1. Increasing Smartphone Users and Affordable Data Rates

The increasing number of smartphone users over the last decade is one of the reasons for the rise of fantasy games. The players can easily play on the go on their smartphones, unlike computers and desktops. Therefore, it is convenient for them to play their online fantasy games anytime, anywhere.

Plus, the cheap data prices by some data operators have also enabled so many people to get better access to the internet. The cheaper data prices mean there is a bigger market for online gaming on smartphones.

2. Live Your Dreams

For sports enthusiasts, it’s aspiring to have their dream team with all their favourite players, playing their favourite sport. Fantasy games enable sports freaks to live this dream through their smartphones. There are so many fantasy sports web and mobile apps in the market to play your favourite sports.

Particularly in India, where people love Cricket and Football, fantasy sports have become popular because the online platform lets users play their favourite games in few easy steps. For example, Mobile Premier League (MPL), a mobile gaming platform in India, provides games like “Fantasy Football” and “Fantasy Cricket.” For playing MPL fantasy cricket, you need to download the app.

The iOS users can download it from the Apple app store, whereas Android users can download it from Google Play Store. Besides, you may enter your number on the company’s website after which you can receive an SMS with the app download link. After downloading, simply open the MPL app and choose from a wide range of matches, including T20s, Tests and ODIs. Register your custom team and begin playing.

MPLF provides both free and cash contests for practising. You need to select a contest that’s suitable for your budget and earn real cash at the same time. You also need to follow the matches regularly for updates and keep track of the players to know more about their performance.

MLP also gives you a platform to create a football dynasty by selecting players from Europa League, Premier League, La Liga and UEFA Champions League. If you want to play MLP fantasy football, choose a match you wish to register for, form your team, select players carefully, select captain and vice-captain and you are done. You may even enter the contest you like and begin the game.

So, it’s that simple to form your team on this platform, as well as other platforms, and start earning cash while betting on your favourite game.

3. Wide Array of Fantasy Sports

While fantasy football and fantasy cricket are most popular in India, there is a wide array of fantasy sports to choose from. This is the reason many people are attracted to Fantasy Sports in the country, as there's something for everyone. The fantasy games online range from badminton and basketball to golf and Formula 1. 

Given your preference and speciality, you may choose any of your favourite online games to earn while playing. It is great news, as India has various players and different people like different games. Since fantasy games offer various games online, different people can enjoy their favourite games, as well as explore some other sports that they may like to try. 

4. Source of Social Bonding and Entertainment

Another good thing about fantasy gaming is that it creates a special bonding among players, as well as entertains them. Since we all are often tied in the everyday hustle and bustle of routine life, fantasy gaming is a much-needed escape for keeping minds from getting bored or dull. It is also a great way to relax during weekends, spending most of your leisure time enjoying fantasy games, as well as keeping tabs on the performance of your team.

Besides entertainment, it creates a special social bond among people who have the same interests. Most gaming online platforms enable users to socialize with like-minded people and create a community feeling.

5. Use the Right Skills for Earning Cash

The fantasy gaming industry in India is already INR 43.8 billion worth. It is estimated to go up to INR 118.8 billion by 2023 with CAGR 22.1% growth rate. Another major reason for the increasing popularity of fantasy games is that it helps you earn cash while letting you practice your gaming strategies and skills for winning against other human players.

Winning a fantasy game not only instils pride and empowerment in you but also gets you real cash. And who would have a problem if playing their online fantasy game can help them earn cash? Meanwhile, online fantasy games are legal in India. These are hosted by verified web and mobile apps. The participants just have to improve their gaming skills to form the right strategies and focus on winning a sport. 


Fantasy gaming has brought a big change in the Indian online gaming industry. The fantasy games offer an interactive and fun medium for players to try their skills, socialize, live their dreams of choosing their favourite players and earn money. All these reasons are responsible for its success in India.

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