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Five Things To Look For In Moving Company

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. What’s more, it’s not something you do very often, so you’re probably not completely well-versed in the process. But like it or not, almost everyone will be in a position to move residences at least once in their lives. You want to be armed with information to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Why so stressful?

Why does moving produce such anxiety? Experts say it is a combination of factors: you’re leaving a familiar environment that you’re attached to, you probably have some time pressures and deadlines, and you have a lot of logistical and financial obligations to juggle.

Still, moving experts say there are some steps you can take to ease the process, including:

  • Stay organized
  • Ask for help
  • Allow enough time
  • Hire professionals

This last point can be the most important one of all. Professional van hire can take a lot of the organizational and logistical tasks off your hands, saving you time, stress, and money.

Five things to Look for in a Moving Company

  1. Good reputation. This is probably the most important element. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations on moving companies and read reviews online. Exceptional companies will have reputations for delivering quality service.
  2. Licensed and insured. Be sure to always hire a moving company that is licensed and insured with vehicles that are well-maintained and in compliance with all regulations. You can ask the customer service representative for this information and they should be happy to share it with you. If they can’t, it’s a red flag!
  3. Clear Pricing. You shouldn’t have to guess what your van hire will cost. Reputable companies will discuss your moving needs with you, explain their pricing structure, and make sure you get a van that is exactly the right size for your needs, neither too big nor too small. Be sure to ask about hidden costs, like are they charging you extra for packing equipment, or is this included in the price?
  4. Convenience. If you choose to rent your own van, many companies will allow you to return the vehicle near your new location, saving you time and money. Moving companies that organize your move will work with you to get the best date and time for your move and can tell you when the vans will be in high demand and thus more expensive.
  5. Process for Handling Damage Claims. Nobody wants anything to go wrong during their move. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen. Your moving company should have a clear process in place if items are damaged or missing during your move and can explain the process to you so you’ll be prepared in case the worst happens.

With some planning and foresight, your move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By asking the right questions and doing some research you can rest easy and focus on the best part -- moving into your new home!

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