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Five Types of Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

Promotional items are one of the best ways to advertise your brand while spending very little money. There are so many options available today that can help you get your message out there in a cost-effective way. Whether you're looking for something functional like a coffee mug or something fun like tumbler glasses, these five types of promotional items will make sure everyone knows who gave them their gift and help you put your business on the map.


Tumblers are one of the most popular promotional items. They're a great choice for outdoor events, kids and adults alike. Tumblers are amazing little cups that can be used for pretty much any purpose. Usually they have a lid and a straw with them, and they can come as insulated or not insulated  variety. Tumblers come in an array styles, sizes, and materials. Whether your customers are using them as water bottles, coffee cups, or to carry their favorite beverage, they can come in handy on the go. Customers will love them whether you sell them or give them away as promotional items. Just be sure to put your logo on them and choose high quality tumblers so customers associate your brand with quality. 


Promotional notebooks are a great way to promote your business as well. They can be customized and are inexpensive, which makes it easy for you to advertise on the go. Customers can use them as a notebook, writing down notes, ideas, important numbers, or just about anything else. With something is versatile the note as a notebook, your customers can even regift them to family members or friends. This can further spread to your marketing message through proxy. As a promotional item, notebooks make it easy to get your name out world. As a gift, they are a useful tool for your customers to use. Either way, it's a win-win situation of you and your customers. When it comes to customer retention, you can't go wrong with giving a out useful and functional gift. 


Pens are great for almost any industry. Pens can be used at home, in the office, or on the go. Pens have many uses: writing checks, taking notes at meetings and classes, writing down important information from clients or patients like medical details and addresses. Pens are also a good way to brand your company. Use one of these items as an advertising tool by placing your logo or contact information on them. Offering customized logo pens to your customers access a type of passive advertisement but also as a way to generate Goodwill trust between you and your customer base. People love to get freebies, especially pens, and will likely use them throughout the day. Besides, have you ever been in an office where pen seem to go missing every five seconds, being able to Supply extra pens to you your customers might actually help them at their own work. Whatever the case may be, using customized logo pens affordable and powerful advertising tool to implement and your company.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most popular promotional items and for good reason. They can be used as a gift, a giveaway and for advertising purposes. They're also great for promoting a charity or fundraising event, business branding and even personalizing your brand with custom totes. They're made from different materials like canvas and polyester so you'll want to take into consideration what your audience will be using it for when choosing their material type. They're also mostly eco-friendly and will show your customers that you care about the environment as well as them saving some money. Consider incorporating them into some type of loyalty program or offering a discount for people reusing the bags. Place your logo prominently on the bag along the contact information so that anybody who sees it will know you're the one who supplied such an amazing promo item.

Coffee Mugs

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Promotional coffee mugs are popular and practical items that customers use every day. After all, coffee is probably the most popular beverage in the world today. Coffee mugs can also be customized with your company’s logo, slogan, or message. Much like tumblers, mugs are available in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and colors as well. That gives you a lot of variety to work with when it comes to designing your promotional items. Since these cups will be used frequently by your customers, they're ideal for advertising your brand on a daily basis. Coffee mugs can be made from plastic, metal, ceramic, or a combination of materials. 

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