Five Vital Discounts Associated With First Responder Verification


Offering discounts to verified first responders can create brand loyalty and customer retention. Letting first responders know that you value and appreciate their service can boost identity marketing and make a meaningful connection with your company.

By providing first responder discounts, you are creating a sense of community and potentially attracting new customers who may have never heard of your business. But before you can offer them a discount, you need to verify first responders.

Who Are First Responders

First responders include firefighters, paramedics, and police officers. If your company offers discounts to first responders, verifying their identity and qualifications is essential. This verification helps prevent fraud and ensures that only genuinely qualified people receive the discount. 

How To Verify First Responders

There are a few ways to verify first responders. One way is to use a service that specializes in first responder verification. Another way is to ask for identification that shows the individual is a first responder. Finally, some businesses may trust that the customer is a first responder and offer them a discount.

When offering these vital discounts, your company shows its appreciation for first responders and builds customer loyalty. Below are five types of discounts that first responders will appreciate.


Discounts on Food and Uniforms

First responders work long hours and often don't have time for a proper meal. Offering a discount on food and drink can help them refuel and relax. This discount is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. You're also helping to support their health and well-being by providing this discount.

First responders need to have the proper clothing and uniforms for their job. These items can be expensive, so a discount on these items can be beneficial. It shows that you understand the financial constraints involved with these positions. 

Percentage-Based Discounts and Exclusive Sales

Percentage-based discounts can apply to both online and in-store purchases. By offering a percentage of the total purchase, first responders receive significant savings. The percentage that you offer first responders will depend on your business. A good rule of thumb is offering 10-15% off the purchase.

This discount can apply to purchasing a car, computer, software, phone, work equipment, tools, housing, or anything else that is expensive.

You can offer free or discounted shipping for online purchases. Many first responders work long hours and don't have time to go to the store. Offering deals on shipping helps them save time and money. 

You can also offer exclusive sales and discounts to first responders. These deals can be a great way to clear out old inventory or seasonal items. First responders will feel like they are part of an exclusive group when they can access sales and coupons unavailable to the general public.

Discounts on Training and Travel

Many first responders need to keep their certification up-to-date, and offering a discount on training can be a valuable perk. You can provide training discounts for online courses, in-person seminars, or textbooks. Training can include CPR certification, first aid, and EMT verification.

First responders often travel for work, and offering a discount on travel can help offset some of the costs associated with their job. These discounts include airfare, hotels, rental cars, and more.

Discounts on Subscriptions or Memberships

First responders are always looking for ways to stay informed about the latest news and developments in their field. Offering a free or discounted subscription to a trade publication or newsletter can be a valuable benefit.

This offer can extend to both print and digital subscriptions. Some examples of publications that interest first responders include Fire Chief, JEMS, and PoliceOne.

Many first responders are members of organizations such as the National Emergency Medical Services Association (NEMSA) or the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). 

Offering these organizations a free or discounted membership can help attract and retain first responder customers. Most first responders belong to some organization, so this is a great way to show your support.

A Free Trial

First responders may be interested in trying your company's products or services for free. This trial can help them decide if they want to purchase from you in the future. Some examples of free trials include access to a premium website, a subscription to a service, or the use of an app.

Final Thoughts

First responders are attracted to brands and companies that present personalized offers and recognize them for their service. Using first responder verification, your company can give these first responders the discounts they deserve. This process helps to build customer loyalty and prevent fraud. After verifying, discounts for travel, uniforms, and food are a great way to show appreciation for first responders. 

Honoring first responders creates an emotional connection that ties them to your brand. First responder discounts are one way to show your appreciation for their service.