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Five Ways HR Business Partners Help the Business Grow

Human resource has a fundamental importance in the survival and growth of a business setup. That's why companies are careful while recruiting, managing, regulating, and utilizing their human capital. Businesses spend substantial time devising recruitment strategies and attracting and hunting the best talent to carry out their operations. However, the constantly evolving commercial sector requires tactical and innovative utilization of human resources. By involving the human resource business partner (HRBP), an organization aims to augment and boost its human resource practices. The HRBP is a professional with an in-depth understanding and comprehensive knowledge of HR functions and roles. They play a transformative role in matching an organization's resources with its strategies. The HRBP professional assists and collaborates with the HR department. They streamline, expedite and refine regular operations of the organization.

Similarly, they improve, upgrade, and mobilize the workforce as per the organization's objectives and market situation. At present, companies hire these professionals to meet evolving demands. The following sections discuss in detail the importance of HRBP experts in the growth of a business empire.

1.       Literate and polished HR administrators

The human resource executives administer the HR department's operations. Their primary purpose is to ensure that operations run efficiently. However, today's challenges require HR to expand beyond delegating, overseeing, employing, and managing. Nowadays, organizations deal with global competition, varying demands, technological advancements, and a diverse workforce. Even academic programs are also enriching their curriculum and scope to cater to wide-ranging requirements and surfacing challenges. As such, online human resources degree programs educate aspirants about diverse HR principles, including employment law, compensation, recruitment, training, workplace diversity, and strategic planning. These skillsets are necessary to administer a dynamic workforce and market expectations. And with the new e-learning trend, this has become a piece of cake.

That's why companies need the assistance of expert HRBP to coach and polish the skills of their staff. The HRBP is not only adept at these skills, but they have vast practical experience. Hence, the HRBP plays a consulting and advisory role and guides the HR leaders about the human resource problems and their remedies. They prepare and enable organizational executives to align resources with predefined and changing goals. In addition, they prepare HR executives to maintain a holistic viewpoint while dealing with resources. 

2.       Identify business demands and requirements

Hiring an HRBP is part of an organization's strategy. They are required to observe principle goals and the current standing of an organization from the lenses of a rapidly progressing marketplace. Their transformative and change-making role prepares organizations to adopt changes seamlessly. Based on emerging trends and market demands, HRBP coordinates with executives to determine the organization's existing capability and fulfill stemming requirements.

In addition, they identify, oversee, and manage various obstacles hindering an organization's progress. Failing to do so within the restraints can lead to business failure and bankruptcy. For example, a slew of commercial operations was unable to meet the difficulties of the continuing epidemic owing to their incapacity to keep up with the marketplace's fast-shifting dynamics.

In the current economic scenario, an organization should readily turn strategies into actions, embrace change, enhance employee engagement and commitment. Thus the HRBP enables organizations to identify demands quickly and respond to them intelligently.

3.       Restructure organization as per goals

An organization cannot attain expected outcomes if the organizational structure doesn't match with strategic orientation. Hence, the HRBP scrutinizes structural loopholes and performs restructuring wherever necessary. The HRBP analyses positive and negative influencers and inter-organizational barriers to the efficient execution of its operations. For instance, rooting out barriers to robust communication among different layers of an organization can minimize relationship gaps. 

Similarly, redefining lines of authority as per functions rather than hierarchy can be more productive during unexpected challenges. Organizations like Microsoft also prefer business structure according to various functions, including marketing, business development, engineering, and research. Such transformation enables smoother transfer and execution of assignments. In addition, the restructuring process also involves the redistribution of responsibilities as per skill, priorities, and deadlines. Failing to align and structure human resources properly hinders the success of associated projects and activities. Such outcomes ultimately affect the overall performance of the organization. It means the HRBP navigates the origination as per its strategic framework.

4.       Assist and oversee the recruitment process

An organization cannot fulfill its objectives if its workforce lacks the skills and expertise. Thus selecting and inducting effective human resource personals are crucial to achieving varying aims. That's why HRBP incorporates tactical approaches to hire suitable candidates who meet education, skillset, practical experience, and diverse exposure preconditions. The HRBP expert facilitates the recruitment and onboarding of the right talents to satisfy the company's expectations. Specifically, their responsibilities include training HR executives, understanding and refining strategic planning, analyzing HR gaps and recruitment requirements.

In addition, the HRBP is well-versed in utilizing technological tools and artificial intelligence for human resources. They enable the HR team to implement innovative techniques in managing existing staff and recruiting new talents. For instance, implementing modern recruitment techniques like virtual games, video interviews, and applicant tracking systems can expedite the hiring process. As a result, an organization can save resources even by streamlining and refining the recruitment process. Eventually, their goal is to enable an organization to utilize its full potential and achieve its goals.

5.       Monitor and regulate HR budget

The HR department has a substantial percentage in the overall budget of an organization. The HR budget comprises wages, year-end bonuses, performance-based rewards, routine refreshment expenses, and health insurance. Similarly, it also reserves finances for advertising, branding, and recruiting processes. Thus the primary purpose of the HRBP is to observe expenditure at these stages and identify factors contributing to unnecessary exploitation or wastage of economic resources. Most importantly, the HRBP analyses whether the organizational expenditures are in parallel with strategic plans. Likewise, the expert examines if the company allocates a compulsory budget for various operations of the entire HR department or not. 

In addition, they direct company executives to delegate enough finances to high-priority activities and functions. As such, skill development of employees to deal with sophisticated and technology-assisted operations of the organization. They also advocate for higher compensation to attract and retain the best employees. Furthermore, they recommend sparing some budget to explore potential opportunities and mobilize organizational efforts accordingly. Ultimately, these efforts yield positive outcomes. 


Undeniably, the human resource is an essential segment of an organization. HR enables the organization to achieve desired results through the efficient employment of its resources. Most importantly, it facilitates organization for prolonged existence. However, a constantly progressing marketplace necessitates tactical approaches to deal with a myriad of challenges.

That's why organizations look for intelligent professionals who can readily minimize gaps between the organization's existing capability and prospective outcomes. Thus the role of HR business partner revolves around identifying loopholes in the ongoing functions of an organization and augmenting them using result-orienting practices and approaches.

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