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Five Ways You Can Encourage a Healthy and Fit Workplace

Employees who eat clean foods and exercise regularly miss fewer days of work and use the corporate health insurance less frequently. Finding ways to encourage this behavior from your staff benefits both you and them. Whether it is helping with the costs of this lifestyle or organizing group activities to get active together, it is vital to provide this assistance to those in your facility. Here are a few ways to encourage a fit and healthy workplace.

Keep the Work Area Healthy

Snack days can improve morale for your team as well as give your employees a chance to celebrate and socialize together. Instead of providing donuts or other baked goods, bring in fruit or other healthy foods to share with them. Have bottles of water for them to grab and drink for free. This keeps them hydrated through the day and keeps them away from sugary drinks like soda pop. Find a way to keep them chilled, whether it is in a cooler or a small refrigerator, then inform your employees that they can help themselves and tell them where the water can be found. Contact the supplier of the vending machines in your break room and request a list of healthy options for those in your office to choose. These options can include granola bars, yogurt, and bags of nuts. Select some ideas or ask them to switch some of the chips and candy for food with fewer calories, sugar, and fat. Switch the candy you have on your desk with a mixture of nuts or trail mix, especially if you share with those who sit around you. Removing the temptation from your staff to eat items that are unhealthy for them while giving them options that are good for them will assist them as they lead a fit life.

Organize Discounts To Make Getting Fit Affordable

Contact your local supplement shops to see if they offer discounts to the employees of companies that work with them. You can also arrange to get gundry md coupons that they can use. This might work for other healthy restaurants where your staff can get lunch or a smoothie to get them through the day as well. Reach out to the gyms in your area to see if they offer corporate memberships. Compare the costs that are provided to you and determine which would be your best option. Other factors to consider are the proximity to your facility’s location and what amenities that they offer. Invite a representative from the gym you chose to explain their programs and what is all involved with the membership. Question whether this is for the employee only or if it also applies to those in their immediate family. Clarify how they will receive payment, whether it is through your business or if each worker must pay on their own. Schedule a sign-up day and make it a festive event. Consider offering a small prize like a specially printed company t-shirt to everyone who signs up that day. Arranging an opportunity to make working out and eating right affordable for those in your company will help them live healthy lives on their own.

Set Up a Program For Your Team To Follow

Your staff might be more comfortable joining a fitness plan if they have others to keep them accountable. Research programs that you can offer to your team or contact a company to put one together for you. You would begin by getting an initial health assessment including their starting weight and heart rate. From there, provide a chart for them to record what exercise they have done each day and the foods that they ate. Schedule a nutritionist to come in and speak to them about fun and easy meals that they can prepare for themselves and their families that are low in fat, sugar, and calories. Plan activities in the office that you all can do together or give them an assignment to do outside of work then have them report their results to the group the next time you meet. Announce the members of your team that have reached or exceeded a goal and encourage everyone to support and cheer each other on through the duration of the program. Find prizes, such as clothing, hats, trinkets, or coupons, to award to those who are succeeding or have achieved a certain level of the program. These types of rewards will give the participants another reason to stay dedicated to the plan that you have provided to them and makes the experience an enjoyable one for all.

Compete As a Team Outside Of the Company

There are opportunities all through the year for your staff to get together outside of work hours and participate in a sport for fun and exercise. Many road races for charity allow you to enroll into it as a team. If they would rather ride their bicycles then run, you can look into road races that are in the area. To encourage your employees to join, offer prizes for the most amount of money raised for the event or for wearing the best costume as they compete. During the winter, your local community center might have a basketball league that they can join. If they would rather play softball, there are leagues for that as well that they can become a part of. This allows those that work for you socialize and build friendships outside of the workplace. These relationships will carry over into your facility, which means they will collaborate more than they had before and help each other with their projects. There is the additional opportunity to get your company name out into the community when your business sponsors these employees as they play. Putting your company logo on their shirts could attract potential customers who see them out in the public and draw them to your business to see what you offer.

Offer Opportunities To Exercise Within Your Company


Your employees might not have the time in their busy schedules to go to the gym or join a league outside of work. Give them the option to get their workout right there within your company. Poll those on your staff to see if any of them have an education in a physical activity such as yoga, martial arts, or aerobics. Free up a conference room around the lunch hour and let them hold classes in what they know. Depending on the compensation, your business could cover their fee so that the sessions are free to their colleagues. Encourage your employees to go outside when the weather is nice and take a walk. In addition, you can put table games such as air hockey in a communal space so they can play when they have a free moment. Even a simple activity like this will burn a few calories and get them out of their desk chairs. Lead by example by joining a class or taking a walk yourself. Getting your staff active and encouraging them to eat correctly cuts down on the sick days that they must take or the trips that they make to the doctor. Finding them opportunities to exercise and to follow a nutritious diet, both in your business and on their own, will benefit both your company and their personal lives in the long run.

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