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Follow These Guidelines To Get Driving License In Dubai 2019

The job of a driver is usually for the less-educated people who are interested to make money while behind the wheel. Driver jobs in Gulf countries are not limited to personal drivers or chauffeurs only. There are several organizations, hotel and hospitality industries, big industrial companies, construction companies, petroleum companies etc. who are in the need for professional and experienced drivers. Driver jobs in Gulf are also one of the most sought-after jobs for India drivers.

driver jobs in dubai

How to join as a professional driver in Gulf?

In order to apply for Driver Jobs in Gulf (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)), you need to have a valid driving license authorized by any of the above-mentioned countries. For instance, you want to apply for driver jobs in Kuwait, then you should get a valid license from Kuwait RTO. Or else, you can apply for Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC driving license, which can be used in all gulf countries till the time period it is valid.

Driving license for driver jobs for an individual gulf country

To get a driving license for an individual gulf country, you first need to enroll in the local driving school. After completion of almost 20 driving practice sessions, you will have to appear for a driving test at the driving school itself. Once you clear this test, you again have to appear for another driving test at local RTO. Once you clear the test at RTO, you get a valid driving license and accordingly you can apply for driver jobs in Gulf. International and foreign driving licenses are valid in Gulf countries only till the period of the validity of the residence visa.

GCC driving license for driver jobs

For driver jobs in Gulf, the candidate should be at least 18 years of age. You need to have the following documents for applying for GCC driving license:

  • Blood test reports certificate
  • Copy of your ID or Iqama, which is a residence permit issued to foreign workers.
  • Passport along with visa
  • 4 Passport size photographs


  • Go to local driving school with the required documents.
  • Apply for a driving license
  • Clear the eye test. Once cleared, there will eye-testing clear stamp on your  application form
  • Next, you have to go for your first trail.
  • If you get Grade A in this test, you are eligible for the computer and the final test. If not, then you have attend driving classes.
  • For grade A candidates, a computer test is held at the payment of 100 riyal.
  • After clearing the computer test, you have to appear for final trail test.
  • Once the final test is cleared, you are eligible for GCC driving license.
  • In case of failure in any test, you have to reappear again on the next date issued.

Types of driver jobs in Gulf

In Gulf, people are not keeping drivers only for their personal home driving. Or driving jobs are not limited to only cab drivers for a private cab service company. There are other options available too. If you are looking for a stable job with a good salary package, you should apply to driver jobs in a professional manner.

There are driver jobs in Gulf as personal drivers, light vehicle drivers, limousine drivers, heavy vehicle drivers, delivery drivers, bus driver, route driver etc. Some applicants partner with Uber and become Uber drivers in Gulf countries and earn a decent salary package. Driver jobs in Gulf can be taken up as permanent full-time job and also as part-time or contractual jobs, depending on the requirement.

For official purposes, be it in government or military organizations, offices, hotels, transport companies or for tours and travel companies, most employers look for applicant with 2-3 years of practical experience of driving within the Gulf region. The applicant should be well-versed with the local language and preferably in English too. Driver jobs in Gulf are in high demand and fairly in good numbers.

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