Food Store Guide- How Long Can it Take for Food to Spoil


After you have cooked food, you would certainly need a solution to store it for further consumption. However, that is not the case all the time. At times, there could be a possibility of having a double door commercial fridge but in a worst case scenario, what would you do if you do not have one? The answer is simple and it is to know how long your food can stay fresh and consumable.

Looking into some facts

A popular and known fact is food stored in a fridge or a freezer should be consumed in approximately three to four days. Waiting any longer than the said time can create fungus or other harmful organisms on the food. This is dangerous for your health so you have to be very smart in knowing when the right time to throw away your food is.

If the food is not kept in a fridge and it has been placed out in a place with room temperature then the maximum time limit for it is 24 hours. Do not wait any longer than 24 hours to eat your food since that would be you bringing danger to your life and health.

Now that you know the maximum limit is three to four days for refrigerated food and only 24 hours for food kept at room temperature, here are some more details that you should know of.

Dairy Food

As for dairy food, it mainly contains milk and products related to it. Milk tends to be spoiled quickly and if it has not been kept in a fridge for two hours then one has to surely discard it. However, if milk has gone bad then it can be used in other ways as well such as baking.


Meats and Seafood

Another category of foods is meats, seafood, and poultry items. The case with such items is the same as handling milk. Do not leave meat and poultry products out for too long. The maximum limit for this category is the same as dairy foods – calculated to be 24 hours. If you happen to be out for shopping then it is recommended to purchase meat in the last. That way you would be given time to keep it fresh and it will not be made stale.

Understanding the danger zone

 Every perishable item such as food has a limit or a danger zone. This danger zone is defined according to temperature. Supposedly, 40 degrees is a temperature that is bound to spoil food items. If you leave your products or items indoors or outdoors in 40 degrees or more then you should not expect it to stay fresh. It could turn into even poison for you and other people around you. Food that is kept under this said temperature can be consumed within two hours but it is still a risk that can be easily avoided. Make sure to follow all these rules and tips if you want to live a healthier life.