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Foods you can feed your dog while having dinner out

Having dinner outside is becoming much more common and luckily if you are also planning for dinner eating Losing Weight As there is no one to look after your pet in your absence, and you also don't want to miss your special candlelight dinner. After a short rumination, you adjust yourself in taking your dog with yourself, but now you are worried about your dog's food and don't have enough knowledge about dog food.

Don't be confused, be calm. Here is a list of foods you can feed your dog. 


As bread is of many kinds. Many breads are contaminated. It means that bread is not a simple bread it consists of many other ingredients but don't panic in giving your dog simple bread. 


Chicken is among the favorite foods of dogs. It is also healthy for dogs as it contains minerals which help the dogs to have more energy. 

¤Fishes and Shrimps

Fish and shrimps are good sources of protein. It is the most yummy food your dog can have. 


Don't hesitate to give your dog a dish having mushrooms. Mushrooms are totally safe for your dog. 


Peanuts and almonds as a dry fruit are not harmful for your dog but salted peanuts should be harmful for your dog. 


vegetables and fruits display

Fruits like strawberries, oranges,mangoes, bananas,

Apples, watermelons and pineapples are perfect sources of energy for a dog. Fruits can boost up the energy level of dogs up to extreme levels. 


Beef is full of proteins and many dog foods consist of beef so giving beef to your dog is beneficial. 


Dogs can have rice but be wise while giving the food it should not be much spicy. 


Coconut and coconut water are no doubt good for a dog. Coconut can give an extra shine to dog's fur. 


There is no problem for your dog having popcorn. 


Undoubtedly berries are little energy packets. Berries should not be harmful, but some kinds of berries are toxic for a dog like holly berries, poke berries and juniper berries etc. 


Cheese in a small proportion may not be dangerous for a Dog's health.


As we know salt is a necessary element for humans but don't confuse it in the case Grow Box of dogs. More salt can cause problems. 

-Some omissions

Feeding these food items to a dog must be life-threatening.

While giving food to your dog be aware of following food items not to be added to your dog's plate. 


As alcohol consumption is injurious to health but some of us consider this a lie and keep on drinking alcohol but don't dare to test it with dogs. A small amount of alcohol can lead your dog to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol consumption can be a cause for heart attack, lung failure, coma, and you can even Lose your dog for the whole life. 


Never dare to offer candy, chewing gum, toothpaste or any other baked item. All these items contain Capitol which is harmful for dogs. Intake of Capitol can instantly drop the sugar level of dogs, damage their lungs, and they can even die. 


Garlic consists of chemicals which can harm your dog's red blood cells. As lack of red blood cells can finish your dog's ability to fight with germs and bacteria, so you should avoid a dog even giving a small piece of garlic.


Consuming coffee or tea should be dangerous because both contain caffeine which can badly affect the nervous system of your dog. Having a small amount of caffeine can also lead your dog to a severe result. More intake of caffeine can cause death. 


Keeping your dog away from Avocado is a helpful tip because Avocado can damage the rhythm of breathing of your dog. Intake of avocado can have bad effects on your dog's health so be aware. 


Any food containing onion in any form should be dangerous to your dog's health. As onions contain a chemical which is toxic for dogs. 


Chocolate is harmful for dogs as it contains caffeine which is toxic for dogs. So avoiding chocolates should be a better idea. 


Raisins and grapes should not be given to your dogs. Both include such compounds which are toxic for your dog. 

So while giving food to your dog be wise, and it is a tip to check the food properly that either it contains all the healthy nutrients or not. Your dogs are your responsibility. A little toxic item in their food can take their life.



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