Foosball buying guide – how to choose wisely


Foosball is a game of thrilling and tremendous source of fun. So, buying a good foosball table for your friends and family will never be a waste of money. Unlike racket sports like badminton it is less tiring and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. If you’re going to buy monstrous stuff that can bring hours of fun without making you bored. But if you don’t concentrate on the basics, your desire table mightn’t meet all of your needs. Before buying a foosball table, please read our foosball buying guide to get the best value of money. Otherwise, you might end up your journey buying a wrong foosball table.

Overall Planning How to Use

So, you are on the way to hunt a new foosball table. But before doing so, you need to make a proper strategy for how you’re going to use it. You might get bored but once you’ve made a proper method, you’ll get the honey in the long run. All possible specs should be taken into your account. Suppose, you need to play with your younger kids with the new foosball table, you might go for a tabletop or a smaller table that is height adjustable and the layout and appearance of the table attract your kids.

Otherwise, if you’re a serious fooser or want to take your experience into the next step, you need to go for a table which can withstand for a long time at any competitive game. I personally suggest taking some time to make a proper plan before buying a foosball table that can meet your precise needs.

Size and Dimensions

This is an important factor to consider before buying a foosball table. The dimensions of the table are related to space where you’re going to place your new one. This criterion you should consider before purchasing. But the experts recommend that playing space should have been 7-feet by 8-feet on an average. Then you can enjoy a game with your friends and family members at a time.

Materials and Construction

If you want a better experience with the new stock of your gaming room, you need to consider the materials that have been used in the table. Materials play an indispensable role in how sturdy the table is going to be. The tables which are made of cheap materials or low-quality materials are not good at all. You might face trouble while playing on it. They are not strong enough to sustain the competitive games playing on it. But the composite material like pressboard is enough strong for regular purposes. The tables are made of solid wood and combined with metal are heavier and stronger and can withstand for a long time. To purchase a quality table, you need to spend a good amount of money.


Counter Balanced Players

This is an attractive feature to enjoy smooth gameplay. So, for the better gaming experience, purchase a table that comes with counter-weighted men. You might think why this is a lucrative feature? You can place them in a horizontal position when you’re going to take a shot to your opponent goal. They don’t block your shot. So, you can enjoy a better game having counterbalanced players on the playing rods.

Table Leg Levelers

The adjustable leg levelers help to enjoy a fair game. If your table is not height adjustable or heels at all, there might be a chance that one can get the advantage at every time if he is on the leaning side. There is a different kind of levelers in the market but the basic functions are the same. So, when you want to purchase a table, try to pick a table that comes with levelers. Moreover, you can purchase foosball accessories if any part of your foosball table breaks down.

Goalie Configurationfast

You might notice that some tables are single goalie system and some others come with three men goalies. Don’t be confused thinking which goalie system is better? This is just a preference according to the players. Three goalies configuration are popular in the US and one goalie system is popular in the UK. To enjoy fast-paced gameplay, you can go with a three-man goalie configuration foosball table. But if you want more precision and accurate shots, then go for a single goalie setup. For the kids and beginners, three men goalie setup is preferable. But to develop the skills, single goalie setup is applicable.

But note that most of the high-end tables that come with three men goalies can be converted to one-man goalie configuration.

Playing Surface

The table comes with a laminate finish is desirable for everyone than slick on designs. The table surface which is glossy can easily peel and roll up. This hinders smooth gameplay. Cheap particle board tables come with this design. Keep in mind that the harder the surface, the faster the ball will travel smoothly during gameplay. This kind of surface mostly used in the American tables. On the other hand, many European tables come with a solid wood finish but they have a slower ball journey. To get a professional taste, pick a table that ensures a quick ball journey like Tornado tables.

Safety Features

Another important point I think need to consider before purchasing a foosball table. It depends on how you’re going to use your table. If you intend to play with your kids, it is definitely crucial to ensure the safety of your kids. The risk factor comes from the rods which end without the handles or proper rubber grip. It can harm fingers as there is no proper protection. Moreover, if the table surface is not smooth, the ball may jump anytime and can hurt anyone. This may cause some injuries to players. So, I can say that you need to pay attention to this safety issue for avoiding these kind of unexpected injuries.

Final Thoughts

I am quite sure that you never thought like this before buying a foosball table. But when I started, I didn’t think in such a way. Though there are different models from different brands available in the market, just complete this foosball buying guide to breaking the deal.