Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is easy gameplay but only for those who understand the rules and norms of football. People are often confused with the idea of scoring points and topping the charts and some don’t even have the understanding of the elementals of the champions’ league fantasy game. After creating and naming your team, the quest begins. The real game begins now and it is everything but a game. Created online and as a fantasy, this game is the most subtle reflection of the actual game and communicates the passionate fans with their teams and players.

How are points earned in FPL?

It works on a simple phenomenon. You select 11 playing members from your 15-player squad for an active week. Throughout this week, whenever any of your 11 players scores a goal or a defender stops a goal in real football, you are rewarded. Also, the player ranking increases. Similarly, if they fail to score or concede, your team loses points. 4 of your players are on substitutions. You can actively replace the players. And if any of your 11 players are not active in the real world, he is automatically substituted by the one that is playing. Therefore, the choice of your 15 players and the 11-playing members is quite crucial in the coming stages.

If you don't have any idea about football, you cannot do well here. But if you are a fast learner, you will learn some basic tactics to be a pro at this game quickly. The individual players' points and worth are increased when they score points and so is their potential. So, don't ever let go of the ones who constantly and steadily march towards progress.

You can transfer your players

Suppose, you have made some wrong choices and now you want to redeem those. If you have chosen the wrong players, you don’t need to worry. You can always transfer or replace your existing players with the new ones. You simply remove the current player and buy a new player instead. But this liberation also comes with a twist. During an active week, you can only make one transfer for free. The rest of the transfers will be done if you are willing to give 4 points up. Therefore, it is wise to choose such things before the game.

Carefully decide your captain

The captain of any team may not be the best player but has the potential to lead perfectly. But here, your captain has to be one of the bests. For an active week, whoever your captain is, if he scores a goal or defends a goal in real life, your team gets double points in the fantasy world. So, he earns double the points than the rest of your team. Also, you need to come up with a vice-captain, who acts as a substitution for the captain. This 11-member team and captain are selected for a week and after that, you have to shuffle your choice, deploy a new captain and bring into action your benched members.

FPL Chips

Fantasy premier league offers you game chips, as in-game boosts that can increase your points earned per score and many other things. For example, one of the game boosts is used to triple the points earned by the captain for the team. If the captain has scored a goal, he will be rewarded thrice the points than the rest of the team and that is why champions’ league fantasy game always comes with something new to love.

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