For a Rising Influencer: What Type of Home Should You Live in?


Influencers have been dominating social media for the past several years. But they've become even more popular during the pandemic. With the rise of house tour videos, lifestyle vlogs, and TikTok, influencers can diversify their content and reach a more diverse audience. The YouTubers who only used to do makeup tutorials now produce daily vlogs or collaborate with YouTubers outside their niche. Even TV personalities created their own channels, too.

If you're one of the influencers whose follower count blew up recently, chances are you're thinking of buying a new home. Home-buying seems to be a trend among rising influencers because we view homeownership as a validation of success. And that's true to some extent. A home is one of the most expensive things you'll buy in your life. You can do it because social media proves that your craft gives you a real and sustainable career. As such, you also inspire others to create their own platforms and succeed.

So now that you're ready to buy a home, what type of dwelling should you choose? An influencer can have multiple “pegs,” as we call it here in the Philippines. Depending on your budget, you can go big with a multi-level mansion like Team Kramer or keep it simple and functional like Slater and Kryz Young's Skypod. Whatever your choice is, your home must suit your lifestyle and accommodate the demands of your job.

To help you pick the best place to live in, here are your top options:

1. A Condominium

If being an influencer is just your side hustle, living in a condo may help you balance your main career and social media career. Most condominiums are located in cities, so you can access your workplace easier. Since you're most likely in the entertainment, creative, or hosting scene, your gigs are often in the metro, making condo-living convenient for you.


Some advantages of condo-living include less upkeep. You don't have a landscape garden to tend to, a curb to sweep every morning, and a garage to maintain. All you have to worry about is your own unit. Security isn't much of a concern either because condos are guarded 24/7.

A condo is also a good option if you're going to live alone and don't need much room for your gear. If you only use a tripod, audio equipment, and lighting equipment, you can fit all of those in one room. If you can afford a two-bedroom unit, then you can have one studio and one bedroom.

A condo may also give you more privacy, regardless if you're a full-time or part-time influencer. Residents of a condominium typically belong in the same demographic, so you can enjoy the place's amenities without worrying that your neighbors will stare at you or stalk you. You can feel like an ordinary person, living an ordinary but comfortable life.

2. Mixed-use Development



These are also condos but accompanied by a commercial building so that the entire property has a mixed use or purpose. Luxurious mixed-use developments combine residential, dining, entertainment, and relaxation benefits all in one place. If you need to run a quick errand, you no longer have to leave the property because chances are whatever you need is available on the ground floor.

Mixed-use developments are great for influencers because they can make everything you need instantly accessible. If you've run out of content ideas and can use a wellness retreat, there's probably a spa or yoga class downstairs. If you've just filmed your next viral video, your mind and body will surely crave a treat. You can enjoy a nice cold drink or comfort food by just going down a few levels through the elevator. It's the pinnacle of convenience, perfect for a celebrity in the making.

3. Small Townhome

If you want your internet personality to stay on the internet, living in a home in a small town will suit you. Small towns are quiet, peaceful, and often surrounded by nature. It is your safe shell from the chaos of fame. Moreover, properties in small towns are more affordable. Whether you're just renting or buying, it's guaranteed to give you more savings.

But small towns may pose some accessibility challenges, so keep that in mind. Hailing taxis there may cost you more, as will driving your own car. But if the simplicity of small towns will help keep you grounded, then it's the perfect place for you.

When choosing a home, remember to do it for yourself or your family. Consider your needs more than what your followers would like to see. It's easy to get side-tracked, or worse, blinded by fame, so try to keep your home-buying plans personal. We often make the best decisions when our minds are undisturbed by outside opinions.

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