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Forbrukslån – All You Need to Know About Unsecure Loans

If you want to finance upcoming projects, tuition, or unexpected expenses, an unsecured loan can be of great help without pledging collaterals like your vehicle or home. It requires fewer application requirements and qualifications compared to secure loans. Also, some lenders offer next day or same day funding.

However, you must know that an unsecured loan poses huge risks to lenders. As a result, you may face some unfavorable terms and high interest rates. We will explain how the loan works, so you can decide whether it is ideal for you.

What’s an Unsecure Loan?

An unsecure loan is one that does not require you to pledge a collateral. It is also known as a good faith or signature loan. The common examples are credit card, personal, and student loans. You can access it from various online, traditional, and government-accredited lenders. Also, the procedure for applying is not rigorous.

As mentioned earlier, unsecured loans do not require collateral and carry more risk for lenders. Therefore, if any borrower defaults, instead of taking their assets, banks can use wage garnishment as a collection action. In order to reduce their risk level when issuing unsecured loans, lenders usually require a very high credit score.

How Does an Unsecured Loan Work?


Typically, the loan ranges from 1000 to 100000 US Dollars, and they can be used for different purposes. Generally, the annual percentage rate (APY) ranges from 6 percent to 36 percent, and the loan term extends from 2 to 7 years. However, the amount, terms, rates, and accepted uses differ from one lender to another. Therefore, you need to shop for a loan that will meet your peculiar need.

Some lenders provide online pre-qualification, which allows you to check out possible rates without applying and going through several strict credit checks. You can also apply and get a decision of either approved or rejected online. In addition, you do not have to wait to get an appraisal report or show that your assets are valuable because the loan does not require any collateral.

As soon as you get an approval, the complete funds will be disbursed to you and the interest will start accruing on them. However, this is quite different for credit cards. Furthermore, you must make payments every month, but there is a grace window for reporting any late payment.

Defaulting on Unsecured Loans

If any borrower defaults, the lender sends the missed payment to their preferred collection agency. As a result, you will start receiving collection calls. If you still refuse to pay, the institution may take legal action, so they can recoup the debt.

If the institution succeeds, they will recoup the debt via wage garnishment. If it is a federal student loan, the lender will seize future tax refunds on income earned. Also, a lien may be placed on your house or any other valuable asset. To crown it all, you will have a poor credit score because the default report will remain in your overall credit report for about 7 years.

Types of Unsecure Loans


Unsecure loans are of different types and serve several purposes. The commonest types are:

Personal Loans

These are very common, and some lenders provide a secure version. You can get them for personal projects, including unexpected hospital bill, travel, and home improvement project. Ensure you confirm that the lender approves of your unique intended use before requesting the loan.

Lines of Credit

For projects like home renovation that requires you to spread the expenses over a long period, lines of credit permits you to get funds as needed. Although some lines of credit come as secure loan, home equity is an unsecure option. You can click here to learn more about lines of credit.

Student Loans

These are provided by both private and government lending institutions. Government-backed creditors may accelerate the loan to make it due immediately. They can also seize tax refund in order to get back any outstanding balance.

Credit Cards

These are revolving loans that allow borrowers to access certain amounts of money that they must repay every month. Although the secure version of this loan is available, you won’t need to present collateral.

How Can You Get an Unsecure Loan?


Unlike secure loans, the process of applying for unsecure loans is quite straightforward. You can also fill an online form, but there are some important steps that will help you get good deals from your preferred lender.

Confirm Your Credit Score

You should have a score of between 610 to 640 in order to be eligible for personal loans. However, people who score around 720 are entitled to very competitive rates. You can use an unpaid service online to find out your score before applying.

This will help you know whether your request will be approved. Also, it allows you to take measures that will improve your score before you submit the application.

Assess Your Budget

It is now time to assess your current expenses and income. Although you do not need to present any collateral, a late payment will leave a negative impact on your credit score. Therefore, it is important to confirm that your budget can accommodate the new debt payment.

Additionally, some lenders consider the DTI (debt to income) ratio of borrowers when reviewing applications. DTI represents the income percentage that a borrower must set aside to pay the outstanding debt every month. The ideal DTI should be about 36 percent or less, but this depends on the lender.

Shop for a Reliable Lender and Prequalify

After confirming that your finances can sustain you after taking a loan, start looking for a lender that offers a very competitive APR as well as flexible repayment conditions. Fortunately, most lenders offer an easy pre-qualification online, which allows you to see the type of conditions and APR that you may qualify for even without submitting an application.

Organize Your Documents

When you find a suitable lender, you need to research the application process. You can also get documents on tax returns to help fast track the application and approval process.

Submit Your Application

After going through all the previous steps that we discussed, you can now complete and submit your application either in person or online. Most lending institutions now offer strictly online applications, so you do not need to be physically present to get a quick approval that day or the next day. However, lenders differ, so you need to find out the application process of the one you choose to use.

You can visit forbrukslån.no/ to learn more unsecure consumer loans as it applies in Norway.


Getting an unsecure loan is easy and straightforward. But it comes with higher interest rates to cover the lender’s risk since you do not need collateral. Also, you should have a reasonable credit score to qualify.

Defaulting will affect your credit score for a long time. Ensure you do thorough research before you choose a lender for your personal needs. There are numerous lenders in the money market, but they do not all have the same requirements and application procedures. We discussed the steps to take when you want to get an unsecure loan. This should guide you when you are ready to launch out.

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