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Forex Fury V4 Update & Analysis

Are you a user of Forex Fury? Do you want to know the latest updates in the EA robot’s version 4? Then, keep reading to learn more!

We are happy because another update happened to Forex Fury (, and we are talking about Version 4. We have been using this version for several weeks, and we are delighted with the results.

In this post, we will discuss the robot’s newest features and trading accounts. We will also reveal our impressions on version 4.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Before Launching the Forex Fury V4

Most expert advisor (EA) developers fail to provide updates on their robots. However, Forex Fury is different. The developers of this EA robot understand that traders deserve reliable and effective EA in every trade they make.

Many traders want to run Forex Fury on different accounts due to the successful results. That is why the developers take extra effort to meet our trading needs. This EA robot continuously dominates the trading market because of its easy customization, several features, excellent customer support, and free updates.

We have been using this robot for a long time, and we noticed that it gets better and better. After all, Version 4 is already launched.

What Should You Expect from Forex Fury V4

Are you a current member of Forex Fury? If so, good news for you because version 4 is now available. You can download the latest version, and every update is for free. If you are not yet a member, you might like to consider purchasing it now.

The robot’s version 4 is one of the most significant technology updates we have witnessed in many years from Forex Fury. Many traders are anticipating an update, and it came just on time. 

We appreciate how the developers of Forex Fury continue updating and improving the software. That way, the robot can effectively match the ever-changing needs of the traders. So, it’s no surprise why this EA robot remains the most powerful trading tool on the market.

We are excited to share with you some of the interesting additions. Below are the Forex Fury features:

  1. Martingale Strategy 

You can enable or disable the martingale strategy. If you lose a trade, this feature will help you recover faster. As you probably know, when you lose your trading accounts, these losses can be significant. Beware that losses can take almost a week to recover. Through the martingale strategy, you can recover from losses much faster.

When using this feature, you need to set the maxorders at 1. Once you lose, this strategy will help to increase the loss in your trade with an attempt to recover your loss as quickly as possible. Along with the robot’s high win rate, this feature can be your practicable trading approach.

  1. Market Update 

If you are part of the trading world, you know that the market continually changes. This what makes it almost unpredictable. Good thing the robot’s version 4 offers us a market update.

The developers are serious about performing an in-depth trading market analysis. That is to ensure that the robot can perform to its full potential in the current market conditions. We believe that the year 2021 will bring us success in our trading journey.

  1. Backtesting 

Some traders do not recommend strategy testing because it does not work with time restrictions or live data. However, the developers have already fixed some issues, and we are happy about it.

  1. Improved Protection 

Lots of unscrupulous people tried to crack the Forex Fury over the past years. These people do it because they try selling it at lower prices. Sadly, many traders have used the hacked versions. However, they do not work correctly.

Because of the hacking issues, the robot’s reputation was hurt badly. That is why we are glad that the developers have improved the protection to ensure that no one would try hacking the software once again. After all, we believe that using the right software version offers the best results, unlike the hacked ones.

  1. Long and Shorts

How do you set up your longs and shorts? The latest Forex Fury version allows you to set the robot to trade either only shorts or longs. This feature is helpful if you have a specific trading strategy that works in conjunction with it.

  1. Dynamic Retrace 

If you are not using the trailing stop option or default stop loss, the dynamic retrace feature is perfect for you. This stop-loss option will not take you so much time testing it. We get full reports after we completed the testing process.

  1. On Chart Aesthetics

With the latest version, we noticed that the robot looks different on the chart. Now, we can personalize the feel or look of the robot.

Forex Fury Trading Results 

Another thing that we like about Forex Fury V4 is that the developers added several live trading accounts. We heard that they also plan to add more live accounts in no time. If you are new to Forex Fury, many users wish to have lots of trading accounts.

During our first month of use, the robot interestingly placed a total of 135 trades in just a matter of 10 hours of average trade length combined with a 100% win rate. This result is what we expect to see from Forex Fury V4. 


To wrap it up, Forex Fury V4 offers good news to many traders who avidly use this EA. Some of the incredible features that traders are excited about include better protection, market update, martingale strategy, and dynamic retrace. Traders are also enticed with other features such as automatic GMT offset, new filters, various time frames, and many more.

Whether you are new or a seasoned trader, Forex Fury V4 will give you trading advantages. Keep in mind that the market constantly changes, and having this EA by yourself can improve your chances of success. Plus, it is very affordable and easy to use.



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