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Fortnite: New Update Results in Cracking of Map Prior to Season 8 Release

Epic Games is undoubtedly planning for a considerable shift in Fortnite, as players have witnessed small cracks forming across the map.

Many believe that a map-changing event is on its way which would initiate the season 8 for the fans to explore new in-game interactions and landscapes.

Small cracks on the map are pointing at a catastrophic earthquake or some highly volatile event before season 8 starts. While playing Fortnite, some players observed that the shock waves of the earthquake resulted in the formation of cracks on the map.

Now as the map has started to crack, many community members and fans are speculating for the future outcome of such an occurrence.

Many believe that the Fortnite map is going to split apart resulting in new map layout and change in the biosphere for the newly created map. This would most probably occur right before when season 8 begins.

Many players are speculating that this occurrence of an earthquake could be a one time event for players to enjoy, similar to the live concert by DJ Marshmello or the floating butterfly event.

The leading theory as per the data mines and leaks suggest that a series of earthquakes or a single catastrophic earthquake would shake the entire map, triggering the volcano to erupt and land to split apart.

The Fortnite map has a number of peaks in the map which can be converted into volcanoes. Still, many fans suggest that Wailing woods will be the central location where all the eruption of lava will take place.

The season 8 is expected to have some relation with these ongoing earthquake scenarios as data miners managed to find the assets files which include phrases like Gameplay Cue Earthquake Tremors and S8 Leadup Event.

These phrases indicate that the season 8 would have some leadup events to go through in the new season and players may experience earthquake tremors during the gameplay.

It is still not sure how this new earthquake will unfold the season 8 but players are quite pumped up to experience the new Fortnite season and how will the new scenarios provide new interactions for players to enjoy.

It is for sure that something significant is in lines for Fortnite fans and this new season 8 will feature some new content for players to enjoy. About two weeks are left for season 8 to go live and for sure that new leaks and speculations will follow in these two weeks. So let’s see what Fortnite has planned for the fans in the upcoming season.

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Source: https://daviseducationsource.wordpress.com/2019/02/27/fortnite-new-update-results-in-cracking-of-map-prior-to-season-8-release/

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