Forts of Delhi

delhi to agra by car

After a long time, we plan the trip with friends. We decided to go to Agra on Delhi to Agra by car. We were on schedule and started the journey as planned. We want the discussion regarding the Forts of Delhi and we did not expect much from the guide for Agra but he was very smart and he told us very interesting things about the Forts of Delhi.

Red Fort

The Red Fort is a very well known fort of India. It was the residence of the meaning of the Mughal emperors. Mughal rulers ruled over Delhi for around 200 years. It is located in the heart of the capital of India. The museums are full of clothes, precious stones armor to be worn in the war, etc. It was constructed by Shah Jahan. The Fort has big walls of red sandstone. There are rows of the pavilion. The rows are connected by a water channel called the stream of Paradise. When you visit the Red Fort and see this water channel you will actually realize it is really a stream of Paradise.

Qila Rai pithora

It was constructed by Prithviraj Chauhan of the Chauhan dynasty. It is considered as an unexplored Fort of Delhi. The Fort is in ruins or maybe it has got ruined. There are the remains of the walls of the Fort scattered across the southern part of the city. However, the phone does get tourist throughout the year even when there are extreme climatic conditions. If you ask me the best time to visit the Fort, starting from October at the end of March.

Siri Fort

Siri Fort was built by Alauddin Khilji. This is a fraud that was particularly built to save the place from the attack of the Mongols. Siri Fort also facing the ruins but it is surrounded by modern auditoriums, the residential and commercial establishments between the Khilegaon mark and the Aurobindo Marg and the Asian Games Village complex. So you have some more scope to have some more fun.

Tughlaqabad Fort

It was built by Ghiasuddin Tughlaq. He was it ok is Governor. The Fort is an octagonal structure. There are hi battlements. It can be perfectly called a citadel, the purpose of which is to Defend The Kingdom. Tughlaqabad Fort is in its ruins but the remains of the fought to tell the story of their strength.

Salimgarh Fort

It was built in 1546. The fort was constructed by Salim Shah Suri. He was the son of Sher Shah Suri. When the fort was built that place was once an island of Yamuna river. Salimgarh Fort is not a very common destination in tourist packages so this can also be called as an explored location. It is interesting to know that the Mughal rulers used Salimgarh Fort for their stay for some time still the Red Fort was getting built. It was Britishers who created room for constructing presence and barracks. Presently only the fourth wall is present now.

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