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Four Benefits Of a Print Server For Your Company

Connecting a printer to every computer in your company can be cost prohibitive even though your employees need them to do their jobs. Having one source on the network control the printing services for everyone can save you money and reduce the assets owned by your business. Here are the reasons why you should invest in and set up a printer server.

What Is a Print Server

A print server is a computer dedicated to managing the print jobs for everyone on the network. Software is installed on this unit and through the network the other systems are attached to it instead of being hardwired into the hard drive. Those computers are able to send jobs to any of the printers on the network, giving them the ability to print to the one closest to them. If they are on their way to a meeting in a conference room across the building, they can have their documents ready to pick up on the way at a printer in that area. A print server allows you to print miles away or in a different state or country if the machine the print job is being sent to is connected to the network.

Easier To Use

Setting up the print server for your business is simple. Decide which system will be dedicated to handle the print management.This can be a computer that an employee or yourself uses. It can also be a stand alone system meant just for that task. Ensure whichever one you choose can handle the que of jobs that will come to it with little issues with stalling or stopping. Install the software onto the hard drive and follow the steps carefully. Once it is finished, test to see if you can attach another machine to a printer in the building. If you are unable, adjust the settings until you are able to do so. When it works for you, instruct your employees how to find a printer to connect with. Connecting to one should be easy and take just moments.

Cost Effective

Saving money is one large advantage to switching to a print server. You will cut costs by purchasing a few printers instead of one for every workstation where a computer is located. This also means that, since there are fewer in your facility, you will spend less in repair if one of the machines malfunctions and have fewer ink cartridges to buy for replacement. Many facilities today come with the correct wiring installed for a network connection which cuts the cost of cables that are used to connect to the printer they need. Also with less electronic equipment being used in your building, your utility bills will be less per month saving you money and adding to your company’s profits.

Saves Space

Cubicles can make your staff feel cramped in their workspace. Using a printer server adds space to their area by eliminating a large piece of equipment that would sit on their desk. It also frees up spots in your office and other locations in your company where a printer would be. There are fewer cartridges to store as well as other parts that might go along with the machines. It also can cut down on the cases of paper you have on hand. You can keep a box at each printer attached to the server instead of stocking enough to have a ream or two at each individual printer on every desk. 

Unlimited Options

Utilizing a server gives your employees options to get their copies with little interference. Having multiple choices means that there are fewer chances that a job will go uncompleted due to equipment being down. Your staff can decide whether they need their work in black and white, color, collated, or stapled then direct their job to the printer that can do that for them. If someone else has a large document needing to be processed in the cue, they can redirect what they sent to another machine so that they have their papers in time for their deadline. They also can avoid a system that may be broken or out of ink instead of having to wait on a project due to the lack of availability of a printer. Having these options for your employees allows them to be more productive and encourages them to work efficiently. Setting up individual printers throughout your company can become an expensive, time consuming hassle. Using a print server frees up space, saves you money, and promotes a constructive workspace. Installing the software on one machine is easily done and will get your entire network up and running in no time.

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