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Four Types of Medical Malpractice Cases that Require the Representation of a Good Attorney

Medical malpractice can happen when a medical or healthcare professional deviates from accepted ethical standards. Visiting a physician only to leave with more harm and complication than when you had before your visit can be unnerving. However, this is the reality for a lot of patients. Indeed, medical errors are the main cause of injury and death throughout the country. Thankfully, victims of medical malpractice can turn to a Miami medical malpractice attorney for legal assistance to help them navigate complex medical malpractice claims. The following are the most common examples of medical malpractice cases an attorney can help victims with:


Several medical malpractice cases involve misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. When a patient does not get a prompt or correct diagnosis for their serious illness, they can suffer from devastating effects. Failure to diagnose correctly can prevent the patient from getting effective treatment at the earliest possible time. As a result, the patient’s illness may progress and become more serious. If you think you got a delayed or incorrect diagnosis, you must see an attorney right away. Your lawyer will advise you to go to various doctors and compare your treatment to the approach of your original doctor. To prove malpractice, you must show that another physician of the same skill would not have misdiagnosed you.

Incorrect Medication

Medical malpractice can also occur when a doctor prescribes or administers the wrong medication to a patient. Also, this can happen when the patient gets another patient’s medication or gets an incorrect medication dosage. These mistakes often result from poor communication between members of a healthcare team. If you experience this malpractice, you must see an attorney and get more information before you decide to file a claim.

Procedural or Surgical Errors

Whether you got elective or emergency surgery, a lot of medical professionals in an operating room have a duty to ensure you don’t get harmed. This is also true for an outpatient procedure like a biopsy. During surgery, mistakes such as not performing on the right part of the body, performing on the wrong patient, leaving tools inside the patient’s body, not ensuring the patient is not allergic to anesthesia, not following accepted medical practices before, during, and after a procedure. If you are a victim of any of these mistakes, your attorney can help you file a medical malpractice claim.  

Childbirth Injuries

Usually, medical malpractice cases include parental care or childbirth. Any mistake a medical professional can make during these stages can harm a child in a lot of ways. A doctor may fail to diagnose birth defects and medical conditions that the mother has that can impact her pregnancy. 

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