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Four Ways to Find the One

Do you find love challenging? Finding a good match can be difficult, especially in today’s world of swiping left and right in order to choose a date. Here are four alternative ways to find a good match besides dating apps.


1. Tell Your Friends

Maybe you’ve complained to your closest girlfriends that you're single, but have you told your outer circle that you’re looking for the one? Your acquaintances and less-close friends may know you’re single, but they may not know that you’re looking not to be. Tell people that you’re interested in finding a significant other. If you put it on their radar, they may be liable to keep their eyes out for you and help you find the one. 


This goes hand in hand with the idea of setups and blind dates. Traditionally, society tells us these scenarios are best avoided. But, they don’t have to be. Make sure when a friend offers up a potential match that you’re open and honest about what you’re looking for and if you think their friend will be a good fit. Being honest up front that you’re not attracted to someone may be hard, but it will save everyone involved some grief. If you can, avoid the blind date by meeting the potential partner in a group hangout situation. This less formal situation will help you both decide if you should take the relationship further or simply stay acquaintances. 


2. Hire a Professional

If your friends just aren’t an option or you’ve recently moved to an area where you don’t know many people, professional matchmaking services might be a good fit for you. These services take the guesswork out of dating apps. They also help avoid some of the frustrations of meeting someone online. 


This service can work better than a dating app because you know everyone who signs on is serious about finding a match. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the frustration of sorting through a bunch of profiles. Instead, trained professionals sort through the best matches and find a good fit. 


In addition, these services help you avoid being ghosted. A lot of times, dating apps still show users profiles of potential matches that are not actively using the app. This means you’re more likely not to get a response when you message someone since they simply aren’t using the app. 


3. Go to Events Solo

Another way to put yourself out there is to go to local meetups or events centered around your hobbies solo. If you go with a friend, even to a singles event, you’re less likely to meet others because you’ve already got a friend to talk to. If you go solo, you’re more likely to approach and speak with other singles. 


These events don’t have to be events just dedicated to singles, although they can be. Sites for group meetups centered around hobbies are great places to go meet others. Go for a group hike or group paddle boarding trip if those are your interests.


Similarly, you can go to singles events! Don’t be afraid to try speed dating or other singles events. These will help get you more comfortable with putting yourself out there and approaching others. 


4. Think Strategically

Similarly, looking for events that attract the audience that you’re interested in can also be beneficial. If you’re a woman looking for a man, you’re probably not going to meet him at the nail salon. You may meet him tailgating at a football game though. 


Places like grocery stores can be better to meet someone than at a bar as well. It is unlikely that you’re going to find the person of your dreams when you’re out partying. Instead, approach someone you think is cute at the store and give them your number. Odds are you won’t see them again, and you may get a date out of it. 


If you’re tired of swiping, it’s still possible to find the person of your dreams. Just be open and put yourself out there.

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