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Four Ways to Minimise Employee Turnover


One of the most challenging things that many companies go through is employee turnover. This problem is something that all business owners should address right away. Even though most business owners expect that many employees are just meant to stay for a couple of months, they should find the perfect solution to the problem.

The sad reality is that employee turnover can cost any company much money. It takes at least six months for the company to recover its initial investment in training an employee. That is why it is essential to find ways to reduce employee turnover by following some of these helpful tips.

Make your employees comfortable inside the office

Studies say that working conditions play a significant role in the turnover of employees. Even if they are paid well, if they feel uncomfortable for most of the time then many of them will contemplate looking for a better job. That is why it is essential for business owners to step up and do something to make their employees happy and comfortable. They can check out if they need help with the installation of commercial air conditioning units. Another good option is to add sleeping and break rooms so employees can de-stress during their breaks.

Give them room for growth

One of the things that employees look for in a company is a place where they can experience career advancement. If the employee starts to lose interest in their daily tasks, then there is a big possibility that they will lack motivation. Find ways to keep your employees interested in their jobs by providing them with more training and helping them achieve a career promotion. Give them the necessary coaching to help them understand their strengths and opportunities.

Make sure that they are well compensated

As a business owner, you need to remember that employees want to get a better salary and benefits. Their salary should be more than enough to live a decent lifestyle and pay their monthly bills. Some of the usual expenses that an employee pays every month are rent, mortgage, car loans, food and utility bills. Also, take note of their additional expenses, like going on vacations and other recreational activities. Remember that employees are willing to work hard for the company and, in return, they should be well compensated.

Chose your employees wisely

If you want to have a lower percentage of employee turnover, it is crucial to be stricter when it comes to the hiring process. Do not just set criteria that are based on employee skills and knowledge. It is also important to look into their personality and gauge if it is a good fit with your company’s culture. You can assess the applicant by asking a lot of behavioural and situational questions.

Lastly, if you want your employees to stay long in the company, it is essential for you to acknowledge their efforts. Give them praise and motivate them to give their best.  

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