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Four ways to use marketing for your business

If you are starting a business, then you need to make sure your potential customers know what you can offer them and that you are trading. You can do this by marketing your business to your target market - but how do you do that?

There are many ways in which you can use marketing to promote your company to those who will use your services or want your product. The key is to make sure it is effective and suits your audience, so you can stand out from the competition. Here are some options you could consider.

Offer a free service or product

Some studies confirm people are more likely to accept something for free than to pay a nominal price for it. So, you could provide a free service or product to your customers, such as a consultation or an entry-level product. Make sure you get your customer’s contact details, so you can connect with them at a later point.

By giving away a service for free, you have the chance to upsell your paid services to these customers. People will feel more like they owe you when they get something for free.

Create a blog

An important way to market your business online is to have a blog where you can share great content regularly, which adds a high amount of value. You will not get results overnight - it is a long-term strategy - but you should understand how crucial this is as a marketing method.

How? Building a blog in any niche or industry will help get traffic to your website through Google and leads to you creating authority. If you are an authority in your area, you will get attention from other business owners, the media - and customers.

Build relationships through email marketing

This is something that every business owner should use - and, to succeed, you will need to give something in exchange foryour customer’s email address. It should have value, so you could take time to create an eBook or report that will help those in your niche or industry. Develop a relationship with the consumer, but do not try to sell at every opportunity: connect, and then focus on selling.

You could also consider buying email lists from brands such as Lead Lists. Databases of relevant leads will help you to find customers who are already interested in your business - and may be perfect for your company.

Use flyers and posters

You can use flyers by distributing them to mailboxes in reach of an area where you want to do business. Your flyer should be brief and highlight the product or service that you are offering - and should also include your contact details. Having a coupon, discount, or free consultation may help, too.

With posters, you should make these visible and have removable tabs customers can take to get a discount. Most supermarkets, malls, and public areas will offer free board space for adverts - use a different color for each location, so you know where the most leads are from. You can then better target your campaign.

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