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Framed Maps

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A framed map, also known as a scratch map, is a foil map in which explorers can scratch of the areas they have visited to reveal particular details concerning that area. This map is especially popular with travelling enthusiasts and it is even great for kids. A framed map can be customised to a traveller’s preferences such as cuisines or water bodies or wildlife or colours. Scratch off maps containing cuisines show the different delicacies eaten by the locals in a particular place. This will help you remember the dishes to order when you visit a country such as Japan, Germany or Angola. Maybe you could even customise the map to contain the different recipes on how to cook these dishes.

These maps can be global, that is, showing all the countries of the world, continental, showing countries of a particular continent such as Africa or even the map of a particular country such as the United Kingdom. A foil map is the perfect way of explaining the places you have visited all over the world. It is very entertaining and will keep your guests on their toes as they marvel on the different activities you undertook during your travels.

For those people who take up travelling as a hobby, scratching a framed map is a perfect pass time. The back cover of the map is magnetic enabling you to easily stick it on your poster in your bedroom wall. Express your colourful life using this colourful map. As I stated before, these maps are great for kids who can learn a lot from the details provided by these framed maps. If you are travelling around the world with your family, your kids can check the details of a particular place for example the geography of the different states in the USA. This will help them learn and it will help them recall key details when they go back to school.

The size of the map is no problem. It can be as big as a wall or even as small as a book. The larger it is, the detailed the map will be. You can even include the activities you carried out in those places. Having the map in your house will encourage to travel a lot more for a chance to relax after working all-year round. It can even be in the form of the traditional globe which is far more luxurious. You can keep your globe in your office to uplift your spirits when you are in a rough patch.

A framed map is very cheap. If you require a general scratch map you will only spend about forty dollars. Custom maps are a bit pricy but still worth every penny. They cost about sixty dollars in most shops. Deluxe maps are also offered in particular shops. These are scratch maps with bold colours such as black and gold. They are a bit expensive but also worth it as they contain finer details. Buy a framed map today and start your journey around the world.

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