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Franking machines and other shipping solutions

A crucial part of running and operating is dealing with paperwork and documentation. A lot of people tend to underrate this avenue; others take it for granted. However, you cannot ignore the vitality of paperwork. Come 2021, several solutions help with preparing, sending, receiving and tracking your business mails. One of them is the use of franking machines. All of these are scalable solutions that help you cut through the clutter and eliminate complexity when managing parcels and mailings. Let’s explore them all.

Franking Machines

The equipment allows you to print a postage amount in the mail. It is a replacement for traditional stamps. Also, the machine enables you to print a cancellation marking and dated postmark.

The postage gets downloaded on the franking machines via an electronic communication medium such as a computer or telephone. Note that for this to work, you need to have a registered business account; only then will your business be able to make postage payments and save on physical trips to the post office. Plus, you save on piling stamps.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution! Franking machines are available in different dimensions - from entry-level to sophisticated models. The latter is highly efficient and can frank hundreds of letters and parcels in a few minutes. These are ideally suited for businesses having frequent mailing needs. Another positive is that the machine renders businesses immediate access to an extensive range of postal products and options at their convenience. The built-in scales offer accurate and quick weighing of your business mail.

Parcel Lockers

The end goal of these is to make parcel management an easy feat. Below are some of the common types.

Indoor parcel lockers

The eCommerce boom has made it overwhelming for businesses to manage their deliveries. An Indoor parcel locker comes into play here by rendering cutting-edge delivery. It is an intelligent piece of hardwarethat ensures security, convenience and timeliness.

The four factors that make it worth a look:

  • Contactless - touchless parcel exchange ensures utmost safety for the parties involved
  • Convenience - 24 x 7 access improves customer experience by offering convenient parcel collection
  • Security - chain-of-custody visibility and automatic logs prevent mishandling and mishaps in parcel management
  • Seamless integration - Open APIs integrate with the business systems for custom solutions

From click-and-collect retailers to university students to multifamily residential properties, indoor parcel lockers are equally relevant. What’s more, is that cloud-based software offers personalized and comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting capabilities. The reporting incorporates all the nitty-gritty, including complete visibility into locker use, turnover rate, and other data points. These parcel lockers are customizable, and brands can choose the colours or wraps that best match their personality and aesthetics.

Refrigerated Parcel Lockers

These lockers are best suited for perishables such as flowers and medications. They help preserve the freshness of the items.

The vital factors that matter:

  • Temperature-control - the lockers are equipped with internal fans. These circulate cold air ranging from 35°F to 46°F
  • Security - Recipients can opt for photo capture and cloud-based video surveillance (optional) for added security.
  • Versatility - These provide up to 2.8 cubic feet of storage. What is more, is that they can be added to any indoor locker.
  • Contactless - These incorporate touchless transactions for parcels and packages.

The service renders convenience as all-important deliveries are made directly into their homely confines. Refrigerated parcel lockers save time and effort that residents usually spend waiting in long lines at pharmacies, stores and post offices. It is a 24 x 7 pickup! With this, recipients no longer need to adhere to specific timings. Also, there is considerable money and time saved in accepting, sorting and distributing the packages. They help remove staff intervention, thereby curbing the occurrence of errors. What makes these a standout feature is carrier agnosticism. Any shipping carrier can make deliveries to parcel lockers. All that is required is a simple access code, and the package is ready for collection or delivery.

Folder Inserters

A folder inserter helps with letter folding and envelope assembly. The easy-to-use solution is accurate, efficient and reliable. Plus, it conveniently integrates with the office setting. The machine comprises a document feeder and an insert feeder that take care of different sizes and types of documents and envelopes. The folding types are also effective in giving the customers and recipients a professional look and feel. Lastly, this automates mail creation.

Other Shipping Solutions


The acronym stands for shipping, mailing, accounting, reporting and tracking. Think of this as the value or supply chain for all your shipping requirements. And the best part? All these are handled from a single dashboard. The solution combines the latest technologies and makes navigation intuitive. It essentially helps forge robust business communications with internal and external stakeholders by rendering detailed tracking notifications, chargeback accounting and postage reconciliation.

Web Tracking System

The name itself is a giveaway and quite self-explanatory! Web Tracking System helps with tracking the entire chain of custody for inbound deliveries. Note that this can happen from anywhere and at any time.


The service simplifies the three legs of mailing - preparation, tracking and storage. Furthermore, eCertification helps users access specific delivery information, including the signatures of the recipients for verification and approval.

Parting Words

The above mentioned comprehensive stream of mail shipping solutions shall leave no error in the delivery. Once implemented, the automated services mitigate unnecessary human intervention. Thus, allowing you to focus on the more critical competencies of your business. The end goal is to stay on top of all communications while maintaining a professional outlook through consistency.

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