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Free Roam VR Experience Offers Immersive Gaming and Immersive Realities

Free Roam VR is a new technology from the makers of the augmented reality headsets that allow you to completely get around and explore your environment in real-time without any obstruction from walls or other obstacles. By adding the HTC Vive headset, you are able to enjoy the world in a whole new way and take full advantage of its mobility thanks to the free roam feature. Here are some basic guidelines that should help you get started with Free Roam VR for more visit here

Headset Accessory


HTC Vive headset users will have a headset accessory called the HTC Wildfire. This is the same technology used by the fitness and outfitting giant as well as other popular companies like Facebook, Google, Nike, Adidas, and Sony. With the Wildfire headset, you can move around with full freedom and never be aware of the fact that you are not actually inside a virtual reality game or environment. It is much more than that, but rest assured that it makes your Free Roam VR experience all the more fun and exciting.

HTC Wildfire


The HTC Wildfire allows for a hands-free use of the headset by allowing the users to perform actions using only their hands. This is done by taking a hold of the headset and moving it in a circular motion up and down. By rotating the same way in both directions, the users can move their hands left and right along with up and down. After a while, you will start to feel a bit more like an actual user of a physical device and will be able to move around freely using both of your hands.

VR Devices


To get started, you will need to strap the HTC Wildfire onto your head so that your movements are controlled from inside the headset. As soon as you put it on, you will be prompted to input your current position. These movements will be detected by the sensors built into the headset, to give you a fully immersive virtual experience. You will notice that the movements are very lifelike, even though they are not as sharp as those you would find in video games or other VR devices. The strength of the movement is determined by the strength of the transmitter, which acts as the connection link between the headset and the virtual world.


After you have finished putting the headset on, you will immediately be prompted to move the headset around. When you move it in any direction, the motions will be registered by the sensors which will give you a fully immersive virtual experience. In addition to tracking movements, the HTC Wildfire headset is also equipped with an advanced heat sink to disperse heat when you are using the headset. For those who are worried about the heat sink, it is actually retractable at the bottom of the headset allowing you to place it back whenever you want. This feature is a great benefit as it helps reduce eye strain.

Headsets To Treadmill


The free headset allows you to experience what it is like to truly be able to roam free in a new environment without having to carry a large amount of belongings. It allows you to explore large spaces and discover things that you would not normally see. As you get more adventurous, you can switch from the headset to a treadmill or even on a bike. As your interest grows, you will eventually want to try the different experiences that you can take advantage of without the need for a headset.

Free Roam Experience


Users are still exploring the uses of the free roam experience. Some people use it to get an idea about the capabilities of the headsets as well as the interaction options available. Other people still use the free RoamVR software to create their own settings within the headset and then share them with friends and family to help inspire them to try the HTC Wildfire. There is also an active forum on the HTC Wildfire RoamVR site where users are sharing their experiences with others. In fact, there are many Roam VR reviews that you can read to help make your decision on whether to purchase a RoamVR headset or not.



Even though HTC Wildfire is not yet available in many stores, you can purchase it online at many retailers and websites. In addition to being able to purchase the RoamVR headset, you can also purchase accessories for it as well. HTC Wildfire games are available on a variety of digital download platforms that give you hours of fun using the headset and exploring the virtual world. You do not have to worry about whether you will be able to find a store that has HTC Wildfire headsets in your area. Just use your favorite search engine and you will find that there are many places where you can purchase HTC Wildfire for free or for a very small cost.

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