Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control Treatments


Controlling pest infestation and eradicating any existing pests is important for both your residential and commercial properties in Central Coast. This needs good understanding of pests and pest control practices. We have jotted down some common questions frequently asked by people related to pest control services. Continue reading!

Why to hire a pest controller?

Hiring a licensed pest controller from a reliable pest control company in Central Coast is way better than just spraying chemicals. “Licensed” suggests that the person has passed a TAFE standard course which involves a detailed study of pest identification, biology and breeding habits. The qualifications they possess are evident of the knowledge and ability they have to carry out pest control methods, pest elimination and minimising any risk of future infestations.

Initially, they inspect the property to get a clear idea about the environmental factors initiating the infestation. They know the right way to investigate the entry points and breeding areas. Once the root cause is identified, they carry out the next step which is suitable pest control treatment.

How much would I need to invest for a pest elimination treatment?

This is a criteria totally depending upon the level of infestation and type of pest invading your property. You can get an overall quote from the pest control company before the processes and you will have an idea of the total investment. A good pest controller will make you understand the process they would carry out with the benefits you would receive from them.

How often should I get my property investigated for pests?

The best way to keep your house safe from pests is to get it investigated annually. Based on the type of infestation in your property, regular pest check should be carried out as suggested by your pest control company in Central Coast.

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What are the types of treatments used?

There is comprehensive range of pest control treatments offered by different companies. Some of the options cover pastes, baits, gels, dusts, granules, mist sprays, granules or sometime water-based liquid sprays. The treatment suggested for your property is decided once the type of pest, level of infestation and access to the infected area is identified. There are cases when one or more treatments are required for total elimination of the breeding pests.

Will my children and pests will be safe around the pest control sprays?

Yes, your children and pets are completely in the environment of pest control sprays or chemicals. A reputed pest control company like Flatline Pest Control in Central Coast uses tested, safest and latest pest control products. These treatments are also carried out in sensitive places like hospitals, schools, food manufacturing companies, child care centres and many such places. You can discuss about this with your pest inspector prior to the procedure.

Is there a difference between termites and white ants?

Not really. Termites are otherwise referred as white ants even when they are not ants at all. The only similarity between the two is that they are insects.

Are termites a big issue?

Yes! Surprisingly, the number of homes struck with termite invasion has reached the 34,000 mark approximately causing damage of almost $10,000 on an average.

Is it necessary to hire a pest controller for termite inspection?

Termite detection is not an easy task when you don’t know what to search, where to search and lack enough experience in the field. With their skills, expertise and experience, pest inspectors can detect the presence of termites in your property with much ease.

How often should I have a termite inspection for my property?

As per Australian standards, reliable pest control companies in Central Coast suggest to have termite inspection programme every 6 months. If not 6 months, an annual inspection is strictly advised.