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FSSAI license requirement for a home chef and their benefits

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, the government body for food safety and security, have made license or registration mandatory for every food-related business owner. 

Today many home chefs came forward and started their businesses. FSSAI enforced this law on 5 August 2011, and it has now come to general highlight. Home chefs or a person selling food from their houses whose annual turnover is under INR 12 Lakhs are required to register themselves compulsorily, and those going up to INR 

12 Lakhs limit has to apply for a license.

General information is required to know if going to start a home food selling business.

  • License is required if the yearly turnover is over INR 12Lakhs. Otherwise, food business operators need to have a registration only. There are many consultants for FSSAI license in Delhi available. 
  • There are numerous other categories of licenses.
  • FSSAI State food service license: If the yearly turnover is above INR 12 Lakhs and under INR 20 Crore,
  • FSSAI central food service license: If the yearly turnover is over INR 20 Lakhs,
  • Registration may be valid for up to 1 to 5 years, and you could choose as required and renew as per renewal policies.
  • Any FSSAI license or registration needs to renew 30 days before the expiry of the registration.
  • There is some late fee of Rs 100/ day if registration renewal is delayed,
  • There is a penalty of up to INR 12Lakhs for those running the homemade food selling a business without FSSAI food registration or license.

FSSAI Guidelines for homemade food sellers for their business 

  • Business premises or food preparation areas must be clean before preparing the food.
  • There should be appropriate ventilation, lightning, and regular sanitization against insects.
  • Water used for the cooking and cleaning process should be clean and purified.
  • Tools used while cooking should be disinfected before cooking every meal.
  • Workers or employees should wear proper hand gloves, a clean apron, and head wears. Personal hygiene should get emphasizes.

Some general benefits of taking FSSAI food license/registration

The FSSAI registration/license could be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The legal advantage to the business: never thought of an FSSAI license was an expense or scared about it. It makes your business representation stronger fr future business loans or any other formalities.
  • FSSAI logo: using the FSSAI logo over your food packets give the consumer a sense of satisfaction and belief in your food quality.
  • Business growth: FSSAI food license/ registration open up the gates for business expansion. The license would help to expand the business and to establish business reputation as well as gives a solid base to grow the company in a better direction with ease. You may easily go for food import license or export license for your raw material and final products in future.

Things end consumers must do before ordering a portion of food from any home chef

  • Always check for an FSSAI food license or registration 14-digit number before placing an order.
  • If not satisfied with the answer, limit the number online and verify its details.
  • Lodge a complaint with FSSAI through call @1800-112-100
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